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September 26th 2017
Published: September 29th 2017
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BBQ by the pool time.
Tuesday 26th September 2017

So we now enter the last week of another month, how quickly time moves on. Usual routine and by 9am all walks, jobs, showers, breakfast plus cups of tea done. This morning the girls are off to the Club Tropicana for a fashion show organised by the Kyrenia Aninal Rescue society - wonder if they will be tempted with purchasing something? In the meantime the boys will be left at home to watch tv or surf the net. A nice morning, not to hot with a light breeze blowing making it all to easy just to nod off! Tonight John's brother and his partner Lynsey are coming across to join us for a BBQ, most likely around the pool area so it was a survey of the freezer to remove some meat to defrost. Looks like sheftalia, kofte and chicken thighs on the menu. Sarah suggested marinating the chicken in some honey and chilli which should give them a tasty flavour. Our log cabin project is progressing nicely and we are now beginning to favour two companies; one offering a traditional log cabin look whilst the other is a bit more trendy. We haven't dismissed the

Rob looking bored.......😂
others but there is now clear space between these two and the rest.

A quiet morning whilst the girls were at the fashion show. Bit of internet surfing, stroll to pool to check the poolside BBQ was ok to use this evening and then time to find a film to watch. The only real excitement was seeing a pest control man arrive next door. We did think it not a good idea to allow one of the site kittens indoors, especially one that still has all its attributes and is probably full of fleas and other such hangers on. By all means have a cat but make sure it's sorted and ready for a more domesticated life as compared to hanging around the bins looking for scraps. Girls back at 2pm armed with a couple of purchases plus some essential supplies ready for tonight's BBQ. Light lunch of olive bread and some dips and then we all decided to just do our own thing and chill. Sarah to the pool, Rob went to check out his eyelids, John some reading interrupted by snoozing and Jackie sat on the front balcony. Usual late afternon stroll for Kilroy and then John

Girne Weds Market
got charcoal and firefighters ready for bbq and also checked on the meat to ensure it was defrosting nicely. Then it was shower time and up the pool.

Darrell and Lynsey arrived around 7:30pm and whilst things were sizzling we sat around chatting and having a good catch up. Sarah went home and bought Kilroy up so he did not feel left out.....he was on cat watch. By 8:30pm we were all sat alongside the pool enjoying a our supper under the stars accompanied by some Motown music in the background. Having stuffed our faces we packed things up and headed back home for coffee and pud....Ekmek Kadiyefi.....sort of soft sponge in a syrup sauce, with ice cream of course. Turkish coffees all round and then a little music challenge. Lynsey v Rob and what a whitewash, 10-1 to Lynsey. Then it was Lynsey v John, again another good lesson in music across the years as Lynsey again won 10-1. It is clear that Lynseys younger sharper mind put the to old buffers to shame. After a lovely evening Darrell and Lynsey headed the 25min drive home out towards Esentepe and after the usual round the block with Kilroy

Weds market
we all retired to bed.

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Coolest morning of our trip so far, the weather is now starting to move towards autumn - the days are still bright, sunny and warm with the temperature around 30C but evenings are a little cooler and possibility of a cardigan needed. Walk done we then set to task to do a mini clean up, sweep around and mop inside and hound also had his weekly shower and was smelling lovely....coconut shampoo! By around 10am we were ready to head to Girne and the weekly market, didn't need much but it's nice to wander and catch the atmosphere, plus a chance for coffee and carrot cake. Then it was into Girne, the girls for a stroll round the shops whilst us boys relaxed in the Cafe George with a beer and a coke. Today the girls were just supposed to have a quick wander around to suss out the shops and then return later in the week for a shopping session.......the quick wander turned into 90mins! Plus they are still looking to return again. 😲 A pit stop in Supreme supermarket on the way home for some local

Jackie sampling the local produce.
bread to go with cheese and tomatoes 🍅 for a late lunch. Cloudy sky shielding the sun so not to hot whilst we sat on the front balcony.......our visitors having retired to the bedroom for a siesta. Around 4:30pm it was time for a stroll around the local area with Kilroy before we changed and drove into Ozankoy village and the Club Tropicana quiz night. Gary not with us as he is taking his brother to Larnaca airport as he travels back to the UK however, Brendon and Beryl are back on island after a three month break so they will join us on the night. Be good to see them again. Quiz done.....we did well with a score of 45 but the winning score was 50. Rob can take credit for getting the ding bats question right but we lost it on the 10 of them and also surname of one of the 3 people who assassinated Julius Ceaser......we had the right answer originally suggested by Rob but he then waffled on for an hour about Cleopatra and Mark Anthony having an affair so we changed the answer. Wrong, it was Brutus! Good catch up with Brendan and

Beautiful cactus flower
Beryl and they will be here till around 7th Nov which will be really nice.

Quiz done we then headed down to Happy Valley to see Riaz for our evening meal. Very busy on arrival but soon had a table set up for us. Chicken Passanda for Sarah, Keema curry for John, Chicken in a honey and wine sauce for Rob and Fish Braval for Jackie....all excellent as always. Mains done, Jackie managed to fit in the deep fried bananas 🍌 In a brandy sauce plus ice cream. Then it was home, walk hound, coffee and bed.

Thursday 28th September 2017

Shock start to the day as Jackie was up at 6:30am whilst we were still snoozing...that is Sarah and John plus the hound. Managed a cup of tea, then the hours walk before toast and tea for breakfast, showered and off out the door at 9:30am. Today it's a trip to Gazimagusa (Famagusta). Headed east along the cost and thro the Gecikale pass on towards Iskele and down to Salamis before our first stop St Barnabas Church. Well worth a visit, we firstly went and had a coffee whilst the tourist coaches moved thro and once

Turkish coffee
they were leaving we had the place nearly to ourselve. In the main church there is a huge collection of very old painted icons, then in adjoining rooms lots of artefacts including jars, lanterns, plates and jewellery. Very interesting. About 100mtrs from the main church is a small church under which the remains of St Barnabas are buried. Moving onwards it was into the old city of Gazimagusa within the walls. Nice stroll around before we ended up at Petek Pastanasi.....a simply great pastry, cake, chocolate and Turkish delight shop. Had a selection of pastries....cherry pie, apple pie, fig and date pie plus Turkish coffees, Turkish tea and americano coffees. Really good. A quick climb onto the old walled ramparts before we then headed back to the jeep for the short drive to the beach next to Varosha. Very fascinating for our visitors to see the deserted area of Varosha with all the ruined empty hotels, houses, tavernas and shops. A drive around the edge of Varosha before heading home via the Buffavento pass arriving back at 4pm. Tea and sit down for an hour, then John took hound for his walk, girls down to supermarket and Rob chilled. Jobs

St Barbarbas Church
done it was then time for sundowners, Brandy sours tonight for John and Jackie, Efes beer for Rob and a Cosmopolitan for Sarah plus nibbles of olives and crisps with some nice tunes from R2 on in the background. Supper this evening is good old omelette, home made chips with Cyprus potatoes and salad plus fruit to follow. As it was a long day everyone was feeling tired and maybe a bit confused so after walking Kilroy we all headed off to bed. Lovely day.

Friday 29th September 2017

John headed off with Kilroy this morning as Sarah was just a bit tired and deserved a lie in. A lot of the walk was spent doing more training, ensuring he would sit when asked and when on his extendable lead, come and then sit. Much time was spent with John just standing still ensuring Kilroy just sat, no moving about but sitting still until told to walk on again. He did very well and will obey commands, but he is a dog that you must be consistent and firm with. A good morning walk. Back home it was a slow start to the day, but no rush as

St Barnabas Church
we only planned a little drive out east into the hills to check out the great views before dropping down into Bahceli village and calling into the Crystal Bay View complex so our visitors could see where my brothers partner; Lynsey, had bought a place. Then it was home by around 1pm. Sarah and John decided to pop Kilroy to the vet as we were slightly concerned that over the past day he has been having a wee indoors, which is most unlike him plus it was a bit wiffly as well. First thing was to collect a "sample"... lovely! Fortunately Kilroy was obliging and did not manage to spray Johns arm 😝. Vet gave a quick examination and he seemed fine and then said take the sample to the lab just down the road for tests, he would call later. Sample dropped off it was home via Supreme supermarket for supplies including more brandy at 10TL a bottle....about £2.20p, vital for the brandy sours. A light lunch of olive bread, humus dip and tomatoes and an afternoon chilling and reading.

At around 4:30pm it was time for our four legged friends walk before we all got ready for

St Barnabas Church
the Friday quiz night. Definitely a harder quiz tonight but we did ok, finishing around mid table.....however tonight it wa all about the food. Lamb chops for John and the Club Tropicana chicken special for everyone else. Everyone agreed a great meal! Home by 9pm for coffee, fruit and nut crunch before everyone headed off to bed whilst John sauntered around the site with Kilroy. The weekend starts here as they say.

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Inside St Barnabas

Painted internal St Barnabas Church

A few of many icons in St Barnabas church

Is the St Panteleimon wine!

Artifacts St Barnabas Church

Resting place, St Barnabas

Inside the old walls Gazimagusa.

Inside the old walls Gazimagusa

Petek Pastanasi .....lovely pastry, cake, chocolate and Turkish delight cafe.

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