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Middle East » Bahrain » Manama April 8th 2008

On the surface, the Gulf States are a wealthy land populated by modestly dressed men and women who follow conservative values. However, underneath this veneer, there writhes debauchery of a most surprising kind. The initial foray into the Gulf States was Kuwait - which might just have the world’s most inefficient visa-on-arrival system. You would surmise that with the enormous money made from oil, that some funds would have been invested to ensure an efficient airport - but alas no. The situation did not improve upon finally entering the country, for it was totally charmless - especially when compared to the warmth and vibrancy of Syria. Furthermore, the expatriate population I spoke to - mainly Indians and Filipinos - were the unhappiest lot of foreign workers I have ever encountered. Their constant complaint was of employers ... read more
Young ladies watching the sunset - Kuwait City
A great view - Bahrain International Circuit
Stingray on the move - Kuwait Aquarium, Kuwait City

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama April 8th 2008

So i see its been 23 days since my last blog. I wish i could say that i've been out experiencing new things and thus to busy to write. Alas the opposite has been true. Since my last blog the days have been vanishing in mundane daily habits with only a few hiccups to break the monotony. This has not been completely unhelpful though as i have been able to focus on my rehab and physical shape. Sorry mom i still haven't gained any weight but my knee is doing well and the rest of my body feels as good as it has in a long time. The hiccups i speak of were two events; one was a concert that featured a Queen tribute "band" and the other was the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix. Ill start ... read more
QueenB Crowd
At the Gates

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama March 13th 2008

First let me start with a quick note to everyone out there. Thank you all for your positive comments and notes on some of my stories. While i may not get the chance to reply to all of them I want you all to know what a joy it is when I log on and see that my blogs are well received. So thank you all and please keep the comments coming. Now without further ado. Many people have been asking me what the locals do here for fun. Up until a couple weeks ago the only response I could give was..." I have absolutely NO idea!" When i would ask a guy from my team sometimes the response would be in the order of, "Anything you want" or, "Take a tea," but as far as ... read more
The Campsite
Royal Treatment
Two Kings

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama March 1st 2008

When coming to Bahrain I thought that I was going to be exposed to mainly middle east and muslim culture. I was wong! There are many other cultures here in Bahrain and I had my first encounter with a traditional south Indian experience today. Just a word of warning: this story does contain nudity so please if there are children present they may need to leave the room. It all started when I told Diego that I felt like I needed a massage. With only a look I knew I had opened Pandora’s Box and he said he would take care of it. After our big win against the second place team a few days ago the time had come for us to receive our long overdue massages. Diego made the appointment, asked if I had ... read more

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama February 10th 2008

I have been adjusting slowly and steadily for the past few weeks. After some disputes about my contract I am officially part of the Busiateen Volleyball Club. I received my first payment and a car a few days ago and have been enjoying both as much as i can. I have also been learning alot about the culture here and am realizing how different it really is from what im used to. There are little curve balls all around that keep me constantly on my toes and wondering whats next. The perfect example of this was just last week when I went to the mall. The mall was like any other mall i have ever been to in the states. the food court had a subway, a pizza place, fast food of all kinds, even a ... read more
Inside the Club
The Hose

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama February 6th 2008

I went to bahrain recently for work purposes. Specifically I was there to provide sustainability advice in a masterplanning competition that my company is running for a new exclusive resort out there. It was quite a fun trip, except for the fact that it was complelty and utterly freezing cold. So cold in fact that I was shaking in the meeting room that we were sitting in from the cold. The presentations were mostly pretty good. One of the companies that was presenting really didn’t have a clue about what they were doing or proposing. The second company was really quite good and had a very interesting scheme and the third company was just amazing. They presented the most incredible comprehensive scheme that I have seen in a long time. They also went to town on ... read more
The table in the suite
The Bedroom

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama January 25th 2008

Who ever said, "Nothing in life is certain" must have been a professional volleyball player. This perspective could not be more true for me. Since November I thought i was going to play in places like Greece or Poland, at one point I was considering a job in Iran, I was even hours away from getting on a plane to Italy and soon after had a chance to go to the Canary Islands. Of all these places and all the places in the world I never thought i would end up on a small island in the Persian Gulf. Truth be told I had never heard of Bahrain and found few people who could tell me more than its location. But as volleyball contracts go I began the process thinking it would turn out like so ... read more
American Street
American Street 2
McDelivery anyone?

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama November 25th 2007

Well. I have been here near on three weeks now. Settled in pretty well. Know enough of my job to get by day to day without direct supervision. The guys throw me a curly one every now and then but on the whole I am getting the hang of what I am to do. the new ship comes in in a few days so we are ramping up to introduce the crew to the wonders of trying to get things done in this environment. I have briefings of my own that I have to give, mail procedures and the like, so anticipating getting to know the crew. They are going to be our main focus for the next six months so it will be good to put a few faces to the emails that I am ... read more

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama November 20th 2007

Hey all. Well finally thought I would put fingers to keyboard and give an update as to what's been going on. I am now in Bahrain, after a week in Kuwait doing the last of my orientation, I have been down here for about two weeks now. Really enjoying it. It's a hell of an interesting place and though I can honestly say I wasn't interested in the Arabic culture, that has changed pretty quick. Though I can tell you, their driving scares the hell out of me. My stay in Kuwait was a bit of a whirlwind visit. I got off of the plane, but my luggage didn't. I scrounged some things from the uniform store there to get me by but they were all just a size too small. Bloody little army punks. Start ... read more

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama November 2nd 2007

So, we're still waiting to hear when Peter's interview is. Hopefully it's going to be on Tuesday afternoon and we're both fairly sure that it'll just be the one interview as he's going to be seeing Abdul-Haq as he's over from Bahrain. Normally, I think it would have been that Peter would have been interviewed by MAL and maybe AWC and then had a vidcon with the Bahrain office, but as AHM is here... I still have ups and downs about going. It will be such a wonderful experience and opportunity if we are able to go but leaving family and friends behind is going to be incredibly hard - I get upset if I even think about saying goodbye to Mummy and Daddy.... read more

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