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Middle East » Bahrain » Manama October 6th 2009

Howdy People - And warmest greetings from Sunny Bahrain. As predicted in our last blog entry - we’ve moved into our new apartment - YAY!! We are SO happy to be here, have more space and light, and a balcony (Bahrain’s version of indoor/outdoor living) a nice pool and games area, gym and neighbours! (The neat couple next door are from Gisborne!) We found the apartment a month ago, but it didn’t become vacant until last weekend, so we’ve been “waiting waiting”! The area we chose to live in, Adliya, is very popular with expats due to its plethora of restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and shops nearby. We can walk to 34 or so restaurants and are a 10 minute walk to The British Club - although I might add that it takes FAR longer to ... read more
Twisting by the...
Pool and darts - looks like a multi sport night or 2 ahead...
View 1 from balcony

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama September 16th 2009

Greetings Folks, - from Manama, Bahrain - and thanks for all the e-mails and messages received. Things are going well on our ‘working holiday ( Jude’s working - I’m on holiday ) - we are getting used to the way things work over here and settling in well. We and all the fellow expats are looking forward to the Eid Ul Fitr (Eid al fitter) which is a celebration marking the end of the month of daytime fasting (Ramadan). This will mean that cafes, restaurants and the like will be open during the day - a chance to go out for lunch or a coffee to escape the hotel room will be welcome. AND of course the pubs and bars and liquor stores will re open having been closed for a month, which will be cause ... read more
The Grand Mosque at 6.30pm
Don't try this at home Folks - another victim of Bahraini driving!
More apartments shooting up, these one's very close to the Saudi Causeway

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama September 1st 2009

Here are some more pics relating to the previous text....... read more
Thru the gates; I was accosted by a guard taking this pic and told "No no photos"
"CHIPS" are alive and well and riding Honda 250's in Bahrain!
Pic 1 of a sweeping view of the developing coast, taken from the 4th floor supermarket carpark

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama September 1st 2009

Greetings Folks - from a balmy 36®C in Sunny (AGAIN!) Manama, capital of Bahrain! We are settling in well, being well looked after and loving the sunshine, even though you need to avoid doing anything too strenuous outside unless you want to be dripping like a butchers display case! Having said that, I’ve started walking around the nearby area of Adliya, where we will be living in a few weeks, in order to get to know the area. I discovered why I couldn’t get the lie of the land so easily - the roads are curved! - so not laid out in square blocks, which was “throwing” my sense of direction into disarray! Any, it’s a very interesting area, with many many café’s, restaurants and (yes!) pubs! tucked away in small lanes and back roads. There ... read more
The pool is a good size
Hotel suite - another angle
Hotel pool

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama August 26th 2009

Here are some more pics relating to the previous entry - the site doesn't seem to like too many uploaded at once........ read more
Business Class - YEEEEES!
Our mighty Yaris! LHD grunter!
At least they could've given him a HIGH Viz vest LOL

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama August 26th 2009

Ramadan Kareem from Bahrain! We lucked in big time flying in here from Hong Kong with an upgrade to Business Class - “another steamed towel and a couple of chardonnays please” was a nice way to enjoy an 8 hour flight. Airport formalities were quite easy, Jude was finger-printed and photographed, and I bought a 2 week visitor’s visa for 5 Dinar (20 NZ bucks) and all was good - we knew that this was going to happen and all is in order! My visa will be extended by the Polytech until Jude’s residency comes thru (I think), tho I may have to do a “visa run” by flying to Dubai for a night or three and come back - all paid for, no sweat. Nothing can prepare you for the heat here, - I don’t ... read more
....enroute to Restaurants, Gym, pool, sauna, steam room, swim-up bar...
Pool area
Great weather for a swim - ALL YEAR!

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama August 10th 2009

YAY! Let the adventure begin! Here is a starting entry to kick off our blog, as we jet out of NZ. Some info about Bahrain: Firstly, it's an Island - 33 islands infact, with Manama , the capital city being where we will be based. With a population of 155,000 in Manama - slightly larger than Matiere, there is a 24 km 4 lane causeway from here across to Saudi Arabia. Hundreds of ex pat's stream across from Saudi to Bahrain in the weekends to party and enjoy the more liberal approach to alcohol and socialising. With a coastline of just 161 kilometres, Bahrain is about the same size as the Isle of Man - but smaller than the main airport in Saudi, would you believe!! They drive on the "wrong side" of the road, and ... read more
Manama Skyline
Bahrain and where it fits in

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama January 11th 2009

No, this isn't about some new sort of rain, it is about that little Gulf state, just off the coast of Saudi Arabia. And for that matter, this will be a short blog, meant as a teaser for things to come... Of course this could backfire horribly, should this turn out to be a terrible short blog! So what do you do when you have got twelve hours to waste, don't want to spend a penny and are stuck in Bahrain? Well either you sit down and cry or you do as I do and start walking. Not recommended in the summer though, but at this time of year it was surprisingly pleasant. A walk of about eight hours takes you along a few of the sights that Manama and Muharraq have to offer. What does ... read more

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama May 12th 2008

So..... since i have been here i have not been publishing to many blogs. Despite the great responses i normally enjoy and repeated requests to write, WritE, WRITE!!!, i have not been able to sit down and type about my experience here. I could not figure out why this was such a problem until i had a conversation with my father. I realized, after our talk, that there are two things holding me back. First i realized that so many of my stories come from dialog. After i have told someone a story it is a million times easier to sit down and make my story even more granderrerererr. Without this dialog i lose the motivation to sit down and type. The other(and i think more important)reason, i will try to explain using plugs. Interested?........ then ... read more
Maybe Not
A Fork????
My Pocket Knife????

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama May 10th 2008

This one will be short and quick but i thought everyone should know whats going on. We played Friday night for a chance to go to the finals. Our opponent was the only team that we had not beaten and the guys had a bad history of falling apart against them. Diego and I had talked before the match and came to the conclusion that it was going to be up to us if we were to win. The first set went to us mainly because of Diego's play. The second set was a sea-saw battle and when the score hit 19-19 Diego went up for a block and came down hard on the opponents foot. He immediately collapsed and began to yell in pain. I have been around this sport for a long time now ... read more
Of Course

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