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November 17th 2012
Published: November 17th 2012
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Overnight flight from London to Bahrain (new destination) was OK. As I have 5 hours to kill before next flight to Kathmandu, I thought checking into the Business lounge would be a sensible option. $26 later and I have free access to showers, food, newspapers and peace and quiet. Shame there is no beer included!

Many of fellow business class lounge lizards have been casting the occasional glance at me as I pad around the lounge in my socks. Due to space and weight concerns I travelled in my walking boots and full winter gear (as it is quite heavy), which are now sitting in the corner having a rest.

How many plates of croissants is considered too many I wonder. I limit my croissant eating to just 3 plates.....well I need to get my $26 worth. 3 cups of tea, 4 glasses of orange juice, one can of sprite and one can of coke, bowl of cereal, plate of sandwiches. The student mentality never leaves stocking up on all the fluids and food I can get. It’s a part for one.

There is a sign above the Internet PC which say "please do not use for more than 30 minutes". I have been on it for well over 3 hours now. In fairness, there are 3 other PCs for anyone else who wants to surf and I am there only customer.

Still steaming over losing the plot on the India visa, I spend most of my time researching how I can get a visa from Kathmandu. It is a possibility as I wouldn’t need it for 2 weeks whilst trekking, but the logistics of getting one are somewhat herculean judging by the website I read. Prob not going to happen, so looking at alternatives to utilise my last 4 days before I head home on 9/10 Dec.

The starting point for my search are countries that will issue visas on arrival that are geographically close to Nepal. There is a neat website that shows them all - as well as those that Visa are needed beforehand - like India!! Up pops Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong - visa available on arrival. Flights however, are in the region of 20-30 hrs, as they all go via Delhi with long stop overs. Made no decision despite surfing for 4 hours. Time to catch the flight.


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