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April 15th 2010
Published: April 15th 2010
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Hi Friends and Family

Just thought it easier to post pics of our new Apartment here rather than clogging the internet capillaries.......

We lurved our 3rd floor apartment BUT the traffic noise was diabolical. Seems #32 is the apartment people move in to before they move higher up to avoid the noise!! The previous tenants to us did exactly that.

The Apartment management are sneaky tho, they say "We have an apartment available on the 3rd floor (closest to traffic) but thats unavailable to view today, but we can show you an identical apartment on the 11th floor"

Anyways - I moved us with multiple trolley loads during the day so when Jude came home, She just slept in a different apartment than she left in the morning!

Fortunately the furniture is all the same, so I was able to stack the drawers high on the trolley, wheel them into the lift and just swap them over! Wheelie gwate!

Our new apartment on the 4th floor is on the other side of the building essentially, so no traffic noise, plus we get the bonus of a great sized patio and better outdoor furniture, still 2 bedrooms/2 ensuites plus guest bathroom, bar etc - we get a bit more storage room in the laundry alcove, majorly better cupboard space in the kitchen thank goodness, but do lose the breakfast bar.

Overall we're stoked. Being able to sleep undisturbed is huge.

We've now stocked up the bar in prep for Raewyn's impending arrival - we can't wait! Temps are certainly climbing now as we head in to summer - its 25C right now at 8am.

I've included some pics of the Saudi cars we see everyday on the roads here. Bahrain, as an island, is joined with Saudi Arabia by a 24 km causeway over which something 24000 vehicles flow daily.

Saudi's and expats working in Saudi, flock to the more liberal Bahrain social scene every weekend (ie we have bars and pubs, they don't!)

Their cars are often sprayed with this ugly protective coating on the leading edges, in order to protect the paintwork from damage from sand and grit while travelling their desert roads.

On the rare occasion it rains, this coating looks rather like runny mascara!

Coming up very soon.....A Blog Special Doha Edition - MotoGP 20101!!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to keep those donations rolling in.............!! LOL

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15th April 2010

We Go
You have a guest room and a bar??
15th April 2010

New Digs
I guess I could live there....if I really had to!? You poor bastard.
21st April 2010

New Apartment
Hi Pete and Jude ,thanks for the up date.The new place looks huge and I guess you got a real workout moving Pete.Am going to Hamilton in June to catch up with Jim and Rona on the chance that they "may be moving" . Cheers, Terry

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