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Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 9th 2006

I saw my life flashed by as we travelled from the airport to our B&B! The driver managed to fit all 5 of us + our bags (and girls don't travel light) in a standard size vehicle... travelling at 140km/hr, me with no seatbelt on, him whizzing in and out of traffic... it was a hair raising experience! Traffic in Asia is quite crazy, but at least they only travel at 20km/hr on little scooters.... We only had 2 days in Rome so it was a bit rushed, I would definitely go back and spend at least another 3 days there. We rushed through the Colosseum, saw a bit of the Vatican (it's massive), saw a bit of the Spanish steps and Trevi fountain.. all very rushed! I was disappointed we didn't get to spend much ... read more
On top of the big church
Make a wish

Europe » United Kingdom » England September 9th 2006

Up early, get breakfast, finish packing, get the bags to the lobby and check out. I am tired already and the day has just started. All of a sudden the lobby is filled with people that have arrived from Southampton and the Golden Princess. They have just finished a cruise of Northern Europe. I am a little nervous because there are bags everywhere and they all have “Princess Tags” on them. We are assured by the Princess Rep that everything is under control and our bus would be ready very soon. Shortly after, we were called to board our bus for transfer to the ship. Southampton is about an hour and a half from London. The bus ride was uneventful and we eventually arrived at the port. Our luggage had been tagged at the hotel and ... read more
Sailing day
Sailing day
Sailing day

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Isle of Skye September 9th 2006

Next I stayed in Portree on the Island of Skye. It took a 1.5 hr ferry ride from Tarbert on Lewis. Portree is a very pretty sea side town, clean, tidy, full of shops and churches. I stayed in a lovely hostel which looked brand new and had excellent cooking facilities. The supermarket was a 20 minute hike away but that is really nothing that I'm not getting used to by now, although I have to admit my arms felt like they would drop off by the time I got back - never go shopping when a) your hungry and b) you have to carry your shopping several miles home. I took a walk recommended to me by the guy running the hostel through a valley off Sligachan just south of Portree. And it doesn't take ... read more
Portree Harbour
Valley Walk at Sligachan
Secret Waterfall

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague September 9th 2006

We loved this little town on the coast of the North Sea.... read more
Peace Palace exterior
Peace Palace exterior from front gardens
Peace Palace exterior from gardens

Europe » Russia » Centre » Tver September 9th 2006

And so begins our Trans-Siberian adventure. The first part of the journey is a 30 hour train journey from Moscow to Yekaterinburg. Its about 1,700km in distance. The cabins are nice and snug but unfortunately we don't fit length ways in them. Your carraige is guarded by a Prodivista who seemed to take an instant disliking to us for some unknown reason. We discovewred we were sharing withmiddle aged russian woman and a quiet Russian man. The journey flew along with no attempt by our companions to talk to us. We had boarded the train late afternoon and had noticed that the Russian man appearedto be drunk. He started to buy 2 cans of beer (And at one stage a fish for Ronan) at every stop and always managed to have them drunk by the time ... read more
The Trans-Sib In Action
Drunken Sergei
The Samovar

Europe » Switzerland September 9th 2006

Haloo, Switzerland... Land of much beauty with rolling hills of luscious green, spotted with charming Swiss cottages and grazing cows, and set against the backdrop of tall mountains with steep, snowy peaks receding in the distance. Numerous falls already carve their way through the rocky peaks. Time has marked the passage of water in many places, forming patterns and deep gorges, where in winter it will collect and find its way down the mountain side again. Bridging the gorges and connecting the paths of humans are many long-legged bridges made of this same rock. Jungfrau Joch, 'joch' meaning the saddle between two mountains. The locals call Jungfrau peak 'the top of Europe'. We arrived there by train, the world's highest train in fact, and from there we had stunning views of a glacier resembling a long ... read more
JungfrauJoch 01
On the glacier
Inside the glacier 01

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn September 9th 2006

few days before i had to leave for granada bonn gave my a last present. dub-on-the-river. the river rhein, a boat, some friends and other chilled people, djs with music, somthing to drink and what ever else you need to inspire your brain... what else do you need for a relaxed and good time? and then after some hours on the river the after show party started and ended in a fine mood under the north bridge of bonn... ... read more
on the boat
the crew - Jörg
the crew - Timo

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice September 9th 2006

The hotel we were staying at had free breakfast, so we were excited to see what we would get, unfortunately it was ham rolls! After brekkie we bused back out to Venice, we walked for miles all over the place, at one stage we were trying to get to a certain bridge, and one wrong turn took us all the way back to where we had started. It probably didn’t help that instead of a map, we were playing rock, paper, scissors to see which way we would turn. We sat in Saint Mark’s Square for a while, reading about the basilica and how most of the adornments on the outside had been pilfered off other churches. The number of pigeons in the square was crazy, people would hold seed in their hands and would get ... read more
Venice Punters

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 9th 2006

I woke up early and went into the kitchen to start making Brendan’s birthday breakfast, but when I got the pancake mix out I noticed there was a hole in it. I was pretty sure I didn’t buy a packet with a hole in it. Helen came into the room and I showed her the packet and questioned if the holes looked more like teeth marks? Upon closer inspection, we found that mice had also eaten into my Dorito’s packet! About this time, Beth walked into the room, which not surprisingly, startled me and I found myself half way up the wall before I realised it was her and not a mouse!! I quickly went down to Morrison’s to get more pancake mix and managed to get back just in time before Brendan noticed I had ... read more
Hannah, Brendan, Beth
Helen, Grant, Matt
The Cutty Sark

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 9th 2006

First things first, I am so sorry it has been a long time between updates - but internet is not so easy to access when in a campervan, staying in caravan parks. Well, once i finally receovered form Cardiff, i made my way and finally arrived in Paris with my head full of all the negative things people say about the place - they are rude, service is terrible and Paris is dirty!!!! Well what a surprise I got!!! Paris was clean, I met some nice people who helped me decipher the metro, the hotel staff where friendly, and I dont think I met 1 rude frenchman! I think those that said those thinks havent spent much time travelling (or in London!!!). I obvioulsy saw all the usual sights - Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Jim Morrison's ... read more
The Base
Notre Dame
Jim Morrison's Grave

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