Budapest - Vienna - Innsbruck

December 29th 2016
Published: December 30th 2016
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Today we bid farewell to MS Scenic Amber and our new found friends. Caught taxi to Budapest train station and it was just as Bruce tells me it is just as he imagined an eastern block train station would look like.

Boarded the train (which was a challenge in itself). High steps up onto the train with 4 pieces of luggage and a surging crowd trying to board at the same time. A large group of tourists had boarded from the other end of the carriage and were trying to get through to their correct carriage and were blocking the way for us to get to our reserved seats (picture an acces corridor of approx 1m wide).

Once we finally made it to our seats we were joined by a Hungarian family travelling to Vienna for New Year. Not sure what the father had done in the past for a living but I seem to recall him saying he was a teacher but then talked about being at some diplomatic garden party in London prior to Brexit vote, also about being involved with the peace corp in Vietnam after the war. Lovely man, very well informed about world affairs, told us lots about politics in Hungary, about growing up after WWII, Russian occupation etc., dislike of Trump, worries about Putin etc. A good reminder after you hear those stories, just how lucky we are in Australia.

The journey from Budapest to Vienna passed very quickly and it was soon time to change trains to Innsbruck. Once again juggled luggage but we finally made it and sat and enjoyed the fast train (which reached sped up to 250kms). Arrived into Innsbruck right on time at 4.44pm and made our way to Hotel.


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