From Belorado Thurs 29 Sep

September 29th 2016
Published: September 29th 2016
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Golden fieldsGolden fieldsGolden fields

Quick shot, at times we were totally surrounded by a golden haze
I have tried to blog for 3 nights unsuccessfully with lots of entry not saved. So I will be brief.

We have reached Belorado having stopped last night at Ciruena and the night before at Ventosa.

We've had some gorgeous weather the past few days, beautiful sunrises and skylines. Landscape has varied from green stubbled beige, brown agrarian land, rolling hills and field upon field of grapes planted like cornrows. Today we walked through golden fields with clear blue skies and glorious sunshine.

We've feasted on plump ripe figs fresh from the tree, grapes plucked from the vine and firm succulent juicy pears plucked from the tree. We have passed walnut and hazelnut frees.

I thought David had gone way past on his way to Burgos but bumped into him again. He realised it was a unrealistic so slowed his pace. British Canadian Robert, David, Irish couple Felicity and Robert, Claire and myself have become a little bunch of amigo peregrinos. We stayed together last night and walked together till saying goodbye to David today at Santo Domingo as he prepares to fly home on Friday from Bilbao.

Bless his cotton socks, David has taken most of my stuff home to post to lighten the weight in my rucksack.

Items David has taken for me: waterproof jacket, waterproof coat, pair of shoes, long skirt, underskirt, lots of bits and pieces like compass, lots of underwear

Items kept by me: 3 pairs walking shorts, cape, 2 tops, evening trousers and top, more limited underwear.

Weight going back - way more than weight kept!

Davids little package of all my clothes has caused much hilarity in our little group and we have provided him with some colourful answers to what to say if stopped by customs, which, of course, I cannot share with you here.

Felicity and Robert stayed behind in Santo Domingo to see the chickens in the church. After saying our farewells to David me Claire and BC Robert marched onto Belorado on the mostly tarmac, concrete or track.

We showered changed, washed clothes and then spent a lovely afternoon in the beautiful square here drinking sangria, sharing stories and talking of absent friends.

Tonight we had yet another lovely 3 course meal with wine for 10 euros. The bed is only 6 euros.

Till tomorrow ........


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