2 September 2016, Friday, Alvaiazere to Ansiao, day 8

September 2nd 2016
Published: September 13th 2016
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Martha, from California, tying her shoeMartha, from California, tying her shoeMartha, from California, tying her shoe

Getting ready for a long, hot day
2 September, Friday, Alvaiazere to Ansiao. 14.4 kilometers.

This is our shortest day of the trip so far. This is only about eight and a half miles walking. We are able to have breakfast at 7 therefore start our journey at 8. In Residencia O Bras there are two women from San Francisco area who are also walking the Camino and we all leave about the same time.

We go to the town square and then follow the Camino route up a slight incline into the countryside. On this road we see a gentleman washing his clothes in an open tank. He and his friend from England live down the road. We also see a lady stacking firewood in a shed while her husband loads a tractor trailer with more wood just up the road. We climb to an elevation of 470 meters, about a total of 145 meters for the day. our track is along asphalt roads, cobblestone streets, and some earthen trails and roads as we crisscross the countryside, much of which is in eucalyptus forest. In some places the path was very rocky, irregular and slow going.

This was also a day of cats We came upon two cats on a wall just resting in the sun as we walked along the road and then later toward the end of the day we saw a five or more cats in the center of the road. When we got closer there were several sardines that had been put in the road for them to eat. Like the day before we had to battle the flies as we walked along. A little after noon we arrived at our hotel, the Adega Tipica, but our room will not be ready till after one so we went back to the square for lunch where we met Ayako and her Italian walking partner. After a good lunch, cafeteria style, we went back to wait to get into our rooms and then rested most of the afternoon. It is a long wait as the cafe is hopping. People are everywhere eating, waiting to be served, or waiting to be paid!!

The proprietor here, Carlos, speaks some English and his brother Joao, or John, is the cook in the kitchen. For dinner we had a typical veal dinner. It consists of very, very tender veal baked in red wine sauce with onions and potatoes and carrots. Delicious. Since breakfast is not served till 8:30 we ask for a sandwich to take with us. Hopefully we can leave by seven when it is much cooler. Today was another very hot day!

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An old roadside fountainAn old roadside fountain
An old roadside fountain

Unlike In Spain, water here is not OK to drink
Our route mid morning Our route mid morning
Our route mid morning

Jo near Karen in distance
Veal and potato dinnerVeal and potato dinner
Veal and potato dinner

Joao cooks, Carlos runs hotel and bar
Salmon dinner - wonderful foodSalmon dinner - wonderful food
Salmon dinner - wonderful food

Carlos and his brother Joao.

13th September 2016

I like the roasted dinner. Bob Ferguson won our football pool this week I did O.K. it is a long road to win itall
13th September 2016

Food in Portugal
The food pictures always make my mouth water -- looks delicious and so much too! Have you had any Mateus? I may have spelled it wrong but I know this wine comes from Portugal. Enjoy and glad Karen is feeling better -- I mean I prayed for you two and blessed you onto this journey so I'm somwhat responsible. Continued great travel mercies and Godspeed ahead!

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