BLT Day #26: Regal, Roman Regensberg

May 19th 2015
Published: May 19th 2015
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Today, we are leaving the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal and entering one of the Danube tributaries near Regensberg. Last night we went "over the mountain" of the canal at1330 feet above sea level. So, today we're going down in all of the locks, and they are VERY big ones. Tomorrow, we'll be past the low bridges, so they'll open our sun deck again. Even though we've been through lots of them, the locks are still fascinating to me.

Regensberg, like every other place we've visited, was extremely interesting. Built over 1000 years ago by the Romans, it survived WWII without any bombing, so all the old structures were preserved. The Cathedal of St. Peter existed since 700 AD, but the current church was completed in 1320. We Americans are amazed when something is 250 years ago, so it's always special to see things that are REALLY old. It looks much like the cathedral in Cologne because the same architect designed it, but this one had some of the most intricate stained glass I've ever seen. It was incredible!

The rest of the city was special as well. it is the birthplace of Joseph Ratzinger, better known as Pope Benedict XVI. It is also where Oskar Schindler, who is credited with saving the lives of over 2000 Jews during WWII by employing them in his munitions factory then helping them to flee to safer countries. It's interesting that he lived in an apartment building which has had a HUGE mural of David and Goliath since the 1600s. Regensberg is also the place where folks claim that the first coocoo clocks were made.

Tonight, we were treated to an amazing operatic group from Austria. They sang both classical and contemporary music and everyone loved it. We have to hand it to Viking - even without casinos and big stage productions, the entertainment is really good!


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