August 17th 2012
Published: August 17th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I'm currently not living at home but went round for my post yesterday. Thanks for the cards.

All is unexpectedly well. My mum is doing really well. There are lots of Buddhist ceremonies that will take place over the weekend.

I'm speaking at his funeral and to prepare for this I've done some research. My father had had a title bestowed to him by the queen in 1958. He never used it. He was a proud independent and capable man. In the end we had so much in common and perhaps is the reason why we clashed so much.

I will be leaving his funeral and like wonder woman dash to the airport deriving my sari enroute. I have a vision of leaving a trailing sari in terminal 5 as I run to the check in desk. I won't have much time to play with so wish me luck.

Anyway..... I'm looking forward to Peru but given I now haven't walked for over three weeks having done do much in nervous ill struggle. Happy for a challenge but desperately want to make it up and on that train.

Attached is a photo of my daD when he first came here. What a cool dude!

Will update at airport.


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