Derek loves a tandem...

July 2nd 2012
Published: July 2nd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

So we were able to fix tires by buying better tools, have some long hot rides in 30 degreE's as well as rain, deal with a couple of crashes without more than

Tears and bandaids, and still meet up with the guys and get underway as a convoy of 4 bikes and one trailer. Gotta love the French

When semis and long lines of vehicles patiently wait until its safe to pass the deuling convoy! We are all figuring out just who needs to pack what in order to keep us all challenged yet still keep us together. Derek is loving the tadem because I don't think he ever pedals. I am his partner as everyone else would kill him as he sings consently and soft pedals until I say I need more power! We have had some great 2 km climbs followed by 2 km down and then climbing again as we are on back roads mostly.

Have seen a lot of off the tourist map sites! Old churches and castles in the middle of nowhere, that we have climbEd up to.

Took the kids to a bar last night at 900 to watch the finals of the euro so they are getting many different experience's 😊. We have met some great people and are all really enjoying this mode of travel. The boys have only been here 3 days and Jud said he already feels so far removed from work!

We are in a 3 star campground tonight so have pools, games, and Internet which we don't often have. My iPhone died but has miracously come back to life... Here's hoping it stays working!! No camera on it yet though so you get words instead of pictures 😞

Weather haS been amazing except for 1 day of drizzle in 3 weeks!

We are heading off to the dordogne valley and then south to pau for the tour de France on july 18th. Will head up into Bordeaux afterwards to really let Amanda have her fill of great wines ( and play on the beaches😊

Miss all,

Hope you are having a fun and happy summer !

Love us


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