July 1st

July 1st 2012
Published: July 2nd 2012
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Youth groupYouth groupYouth group

they are singing a special number
Can you believe it is already July 1st! We left Fargo on the 20th of June. It seems like we just arrived here a few days ago. Time has really went fast. It is going to be hot all next week when the team will be at Ujhuta Camp.It is in the mountains so hopefully it will be cooler.

We left Lucfalva yesterday and arrived at Misi and Anna’s last night. We just got done with Sunday Service and it is 4:56 am USA time, So see the girls can get up for early morning church. SMILE! We are going to the Gypsy church this afternoon.

Everyone is doing great and eating very well. I think we all gained some weight. The bread here is soooooo gooooooood. And plus all the desserts. I will post photos of that.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!!


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Youth group Youth group
Youth group

Sing at the Gypsy church
Angelica & PaulAngelica & Paul
Angelica & Paul

A girl that helped us sing Hungarian last time we were in Hungary and it was good to see that she was still attending church

Yum- yum!!!!:)

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