Wacky Travel News #1

February 3rd 2012
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Fake Sputnik Capsule - Berlin

My goal is to post a new wacky travel news item (with totally inappropriate commentary) three times a week: Mon, Wed, and Fri.

All of the items are legit and have been gleaned from various online sources.

After procrastinating for several years, I finally broke down and started a new travel humor website in January at: www.woefultourist.com.

For original humor with a twist - a bit satirical, a bit contrarian, feel free to stop by and enjoy the ride.


Vomiting bug shuts Edinburgh primary school
The school has closed after 50 pupils fell ill.

Primary schoolchildren have been sent home after a suspected outbreak of the winter vomiting bug.

All 350 pupils at Balgreen Primary in Edinburgh are off school on Friday after 50 children contracted norovirus

It is understood the head teacher closed the school for cleaning.

NHS Lothian said they were looking into the outbreak.

Graham MacKenzie, Consultant in Public Health, NHS Lothian said: "We are investigating a possible outbreak of diarrhoea and vomiting, likely caused by the norovirus at an Edinburgh school.

"Public health colleagues have visited and given advice on how best to minimise the risk of further transmission. We are reviewing the situation on a daily basis."

WOEFULTOURIST says, "If you are going to use the term 'vomiting bug' in the title, the public is expecting to read a story about some creepy crawly that makes you vomit just by looking at it, or perhaps a bug that vomits as a defense mechanism, rather than a boring story about a lousy, little virus."

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