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August 29th 2011
Published: August 29th 2011
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Forgot to say yesterday... to the driver of the number 140 bus from heathrow bus station- stop texting whilst driving a bus full of passengers it's dangerous!

Well got up this morning... set 2 alarms you know just incase and yes the second one woke me up, caught my taxi to the airport and listened to my driver Abdul singing Abba sll the way to the airport... ace! Then thought I'd have a nice coffee to wake me up, saw the brown packets thought 'brown sugar' as anyone would at 5am but no not brown sugar... pepper! Pepper is not reccomended in caramel latte!

Had the inevitable nerves going through security as you do then i got pulled aside and searched- i must look dodgy. But the were sorry when they realised the extent of my rubbish packing and all my stuff was everywhere ha ha.

Just on internet in airport now £1 for 10 mins WTF!!! And it's proper slow too! Off to catch the flight now! x


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