Ancient Delos

June 29th 2011
Published: July 3rd 2011
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Delos, one of the most important archeological sites in Greece is visited by daily ferries from Mykonos.  This site, first established by the Athenians in the 8 century BC, is currently and permanently uninhabited to protect the ruins and relics of ancient Greece.  The island of Delos covers about 5 square kilometers.  Thousands of ruins spread across the island, make the site extremely impressive.  Ruins include temples of Greek deities like Zeus, Dionysus, Apollo and Artemis.  The importance of the island was first established long ago, when the ancient Greeks believed that Delos was the birthplace of the god Apollo and Artemis.  As the island changed over the years and different civilizations took control of the island: Romans, Ottomans...etc, new buildings were erected.  Sarah and I visited almost every building on the island, before climbing up to the top of the islands mountain (small mountain about 113m high).  Some of my favorite ruins include the Egyptian temple midway up the mountain, the house of Hermes, Temple of Artemis, among others.  There were some interesting statues and buildings as well, like the phallic statues and the stage where orgies were performed for an audience.  The ruins were well maintained and in many of the buildings the floor mosaics were well visible and hardly damaged.  

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