Perfect Paris!

June 18th 2011
Published: June 18th 2011
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Now people may ask, is it child friendly? Well me as a kid writing, it is so much of fun! Paris the city of beauty, wine & cheese is beautiful. For about kids of any age there is the Euro Disney and if you are lucky you can even join the Disney parade! Now you'd ask me if there is any way to get around, well there are trains and if your up for some excirsise then the option is walking. Now let's go to the next city, Nice(neece). Well I spent only a few days there, but if you ask me there is nothing much for young kids to do. But again, if you'd like to do some sightseeing Nice a good place. I am signing of !!!


26th June 2011

diya tho i have been there already i really want to go there again

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