New Beginning

November 4th 2010
Published: November 4th 2010
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Beav, & GraceBeav, & GraceBeav, & Grace

Ready Fo Action

The end of a era and the beginning of a adventure

Well, it's 2am and i'm far to excited/freaked out to sleep. Not really sure what to expect tomorrow or indeed the next couple years but it had to happen at some point. So i figure the best way to start this blog off is to look at what we're leaving behind and that's some of the most amazing and brilliant friends and family members that we've both had the pleasure of sharing our lives with.

Both our families have been amazing leading up to this and support us all the way and we'll miss them dearly but i can safely say (and am sure bob can too) that some of the friends we made over the years are just has close has family and we'll miss you all, friends and family alike.

Kjersti's not with me, so not got any of her leaving do photo's but thrown a couple up of mine which have had a smile on my face since Saturday night 😊

So to kick it off, we just wanna say a big thank you to both are amazing families and all our
Grace & DaveGrace & DaveGrace & Dave

Shakey Face
equally amazing friends. Ask you to take care of each other, be happy and stay in touch. We'll see you all very soon!

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The ULTIMATE Shakey face! (I'm sorry Grace, your just too good at them!!)
Post Hoe Down Posse!!Post Hoe Down Posse!!
Post Hoe Down Posse!!

What a Hoe Down it was!!
Wong, Rob, James & Bob.Wong, Rob, James & Bob.
Wong, Rob, James & Bob.

Good Food, Good Company
Wong, Rob, James & Bob.Wong, Rob, James & Bob.
Wong, Rob, James & Bob.

Wong ain't around no more! There can be only Wang!

4th November 2010

meep meep
Hey Sam, missing you both already, hope the flights went well. I nearly ran after you both this morning through those departure doors!! Taking mum to the cinema tonight - i though SAW 4 might take our minds off things. speak soon. Love,yr sis.x
10th November 2010

Wow that was some article but really good reading. It is so good to read what you are thinking, doing, seeing. Keep up the fun. Sending our love A. Elaine

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