In Basque Country

September 12th 2010
Published: September 13th 2010
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Basque Country

You learn a lot about a region when you talk to the locals. We have had several conversations with several and I really, really wish I had any idea of what we were talking about. It starts with the obligatory smile and "Ola!', which is easy, but then there is a whole lot of 'Ah', "owyousay?' and 'Um' followed by lots of hand gestures and pointing. At this stage I have learnt to smile and say 'Si', because if I don't the same word gets spoken louder and louder until I finally understand it. Actually I don't understand it but I say 'Si' to protect my eardrums. The good news is that the local then runs off and comes back with a bottle of red as a present. Great system.

The Basque people have mountains and beaches and Bilbao and San Sebastian and Pamplona and their own language and food and customs and they are very proud of what they have. As they should be. They are happy to see tourista and show off their stuff and not try and rip us off and we are happy to oblige and hand over the euros. I can think of many, many places around the world that would benefit from this attitude.

Tomorrow we leave and wander along the northern coast to Oviedo where we will celebrate a very important event. Oviedo is supposed to be the prettiest town in Spain. I find this very hard to believe. We shall see.


13th September 2010

Have a wonderful birthday - I am sure you will celebrate with lots of red wine.....
13th September 2010

Dad - Happy Birthday for the 14th!
Hope you have an awesome day!
13th September 2010

thanks Babe. will do.
13th September 2010

oh - ok I promise
14th September 2010

Happy birthday
Have a great day rod

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