Same Places, Through The Years (Revisiting Europe)

August 17th 2010
Published: August 19th 2010
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Back in 1986, I traveled to Europe for the first time. Alone. At the time, I was still smoking and it was sheer torture to be in flight or around airports and train stations all of 21 hours. Every chance I got, I filled my lungs with nicotine like it was the last stick I'd smoke. I read the instructions over and over, matching them with the signages I passed, hoping I'd find my way to Bradford... Read Full Entry

Photos are below
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My Bradford Days 1986My Bradford Days 1986
My Bradford Days 1986

24 years ago, i was once young :((
First Boat Ride?First Boat Ride?
First Boat Ride?

I mean, first BIG BOAT ride. That is crossing the English Channel, in my ONLY jacket.

19th August 2010

I love the juxtaposition of different time same place in your photos and your excited anticipation when traveling through Europe the first time around. Thanks for sharing~~!
19th August 2010

Nice pic
your detail and pic so nice good
19th August 2010

looking back
I could feel the excitement just reading it ... haha
19th August 2010

isn't it wonderful how young we feel when we look at old photos? And I'm sure you felt "young" when you revisited those same cities on your last voyage. Thanks for sharing.
20th August 2010

best blog ever read
...its a best travel story i ever read... really ur life had been a journey..
20th August 2010

you are very kind
Thanks, samrat. You have been very generous with your praises. Waxing nostalgic helps?
21st August 2010

We may get older but I find that despite that, 30 years ago feels like it was just yesterday...
3rd September 2010

One of, if not THE best blog I have read. I love your pics both old and new.
25th September 2010

fascinating blog, wonderfully written. As the other comments have said, you convey your own feelings incredibly well so that the reader can relate to them and almost feel them him / herself. Thank you!
2nd January 2011

Congratulations! :)
This blog is voted one of the best of the year 2010 in both the Europe writing and the Europe photography sections.
3rd January 2011

I feel honored!
Thank you, Mell. Thank you, TravelBlog!
3rd January 2011

Well done on the Blog of the Year Awards!
This is one of the most original and creative blogs I've ever read.
3rd January 2011

Great idea
I love this blog and all the photos. You do look happy when you are traveling. Loved you crossing the channel in your only jacket.
6th January 2011

Wow...a fascinating's so great to look back, enjoy and reflect! I shoud do one myself someday! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year! Dawn
10th January 2011

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10th January 2011

Congratulations - and thanks!
Hi Liliram, Congratulations! A just reward for your continuing writing skills and for this secret window into your past and present. Sadly the years pass by far too quickly, but it is the memories that provide life's true fulfilment. Keep 'em coming. Thank you too, for your nomination! David - The grey haired nomads
10th December 2011

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