U2 Berlin 09 Achtung Baby !!!!!

July 21st 2009
Published: July 21st 2009
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 Video Playlist:

1: Vertigo 23 secs
2: City of blinding lights 96 secs
Sell a kidney, sell a child ,sell your wife, sell anything !!! You must go and see the new U2 show!

Not a big fan of the new album but there was only one place to see U2 this time round, Berlin.

The Olympic stadium is fantastic, you can sit on grass after you have gone in, very civilised!

The Approach to the stadium has beer and sausage stands, loved it.

The Show was Amazing, the only thing i have ever done which was on a par was a sky dive, its sensory over load.

Really really has to be seen to be believed!

Really enjoyed Berlin too, good beer, (my fav was Berliner Kindl), and had Curry wurst and Sausages galore.
Nice bit of history and two fantastic beer gardens near the Park and boating lake , Neuen see i think.

All in All a fantastic trip, my head is now completely gone, til i see them again in a months time!

click on the video, there s two , both fantastic, one features me on Vertigo helping out Bono!

Ps Snow Patrol were pretty Good too !

Cheers Ted X

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Berlin 18th July
T ShirtT Shirt
T Shirt

got the t shirt !

3rd October 2010

U2 Stadium Shirt Berlin 18 July 2009
hello, I need urgent help. I have a U2 shirt from the Olympic Stadium in Berlin on 18.07.2009 and my wife has washed vigorously. now is the back print is broken and I would like a shirt can be reprinted. that I need a good photo with the back print. these shirts are no longer buying. can someone help me maybe? Please register. E-mail: markus780@hotmail.de thank you
18th October 2010
T Shirt

Wish I Had a T Shirt!!!
We were there That FANTASTIC night in Berlin, U2 were just AMAZING!!! only 1 regret we didn't buy a t.shirt :( I have spent many a night trying to find 1 on the internet but the only 1 I can find is a photo of yours! Any idea's???
23rd December 2010

a german guy asked me the same thing, best bet is to make one using the image from the front and back of the t shirt. i could take a pic of the front and back and let you do the rest. only problem is that im in australia til july , no where near the t shirt lol :)

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