August 17th 2007
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Its been long enough that I don't quite remember where I left off but I can start with Pisa. We arrived at about 5 in the morning so we took our time. We finally got to the leaning tower at about 8:30 and it was wonderful. We got to watch the sun come up behind it and there was almost no one around. The picture of us holding up the tower might have been slightly embarassing to take with a hundred other people around doing the exact same thing. Look at the Pics and you'll see what I mean. We hit up some shops and bargained lots, then we were off to Rome.

We wound up staying in Rome on thier holidays and there was not much open. So we did as the Romans do, and went to the beach. The next day was better, we tried to get into Vattican City. We managed to smuggle in switch blades but our skanky attire got us locked out. We didn't mind so much since the cistine chapple wasn't open anyways. We stuck our hands in the mouth of truth, and then went to the coloseium. We got ripped off on some pictures with gladiators but it was sooo worth it lol. Then on to the PINK PALACE!!!!!!

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