Day Eleven - Kusadasi

June 6th 2007
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Today we were in Kusadasi, Turkey. It was beautiful and wonderful, and definitely Matt and I's favorite place so far. We had a relaxing morning and then met for our tour at 12:40 pm. We headed to the Basilica of St. John, which was built in the times of Emperor Justinia. It is now in ruins, but was very cool to see. St. John is buried there, we saw the tomb.

Then we proceeded to the House of Virgin Mary. It is believed by the Catholic Church that this location is the last place that Mary lived before being assumed to heaven. She came to the area with John around 37 to 42 A.D. There is only a little shrine built to Mary and also some water to wash yourself with, which we all did. Mom washed as much of her body as she good without taking her clothes off.

From there we went to the ancient village of Ephesus. The ruins we saw were used from 300 B.C. to 700 A.D. Only 15% of the ruins have been excavated so far. There is more excavation occuring now. We saw the old library, which had a tunnel that went directly to the local brothel. So the men told their wives they were going to the library, but would instead go to the brothel through the tunnel. We also saw a really cool ampitheatre.

We then drove back to the town of Kusadasi for some drinks and a rug demonstration. They showed us some beautiful rugs.

Our tour guide today was excellent. He told us all about the town, and we are definitely planning to return to see more of it. Kusadasi is a resort town, which beautiful beaches with blue waters. There are 7 5-star hotels in this town of only 50,000 people. Apparently there are some great real estate deals as well. Houses sell for about 40-60,000 Euro, which is about 60-80,000 US dollars, and you are near the beach, but don't have hurricanes to worry about. I was ready to buy one! Many Europeans are buying houses and condos because they are affordable and Turkey is very easy and cheap to travel by plane to. The town is very clean and well maintained. There is a bunch of new construction. The crime rate is very low.

We got to wander around the little market area for a little while and Matt bought a little something. Now we are sailing for Athens, where we will be when we wake up in the morning.

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Caroline on the old toilet.

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