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October 6th 2004
Published: October 6th 2004
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Not sure where Joyce left off and she will catch up as time permits. She really likes lots of details but is a much better typist than me so you may have to figure out some words. We found a wonderful computerland just 3 doors down from our hotel here in Dublin.
I will star this brief overview from Venice.

27 Oct.
We flew from Venice to Girona, Spain with Ryanair. Had to wait 45 min. for our luggage, the finally got the bus which took us to downtown Barcelona. Checked into our hostel {was very nice}then caught the metro {now that is one big metro system} as far as it went and walked to the beach. We took our sandals off, walked to the edge of the water and let the Medeteranian {spelling?} Sea wash over our feet.

28 Oct.
Had a great train ride to Madrid. Were treated Royally. Given a snack as soon as as we stared out. About a half hour later the girl came and gave us a hot finger towel before they served a full breakfast. Shortly before we arrived we were served a light lunch. Went on an open air bus tour then headed to the temple. It was wonderful to be there.

29 Oct.
A long day on the train from Madrid to Poitiers, France.

30 Oct.
The Relief Society President from the branch in Poitiers gave us a ride to Loudon so we could get there earlier than the bus.Joyce had some success with family history. In the late afternoon we caught the bus to Tours where we stayed overnight.

1 Oct.
We went to Bayeaux, France in the Mormandy area. Joyce also left some genealogy there.
Met some nice young people in the hostel. A few from Canada. one guy and one girl from a place close to Barrhead.

2 Oct.
Got into Paris about 11 AM. Was warned to be careful by a man on the train who was from Colorado. Got to our hostel, it was nice but small. Then we went to the Eiffel Tower. We to the top in the elevator. Was a bit scary for me.

3 Oct.
Headed to the Louvre about 9 AM. Took our luggage with us. They had a nice luggage storage there. Spent about 3 hours there it was very nice. The best part it was free as it was the first Sunday of the month.
Then we got on the metro to go to the station which would take us to the station we had to be at to catch the train to Belgium.
Arrived in Brugge, Belgium. What a lovely small city. Had a good hostel in a nice district.

4 Oct.
Spent a few hours looking around Brugge,then took a bus to the Canadian Cemetery for soldiers of the 2nd World War. Then on to Brussels for the night.

5 Oct.
Took a taxi in the early morning to the train station and caught a bus across the street to the airport for our flight to Dublin.

6 Oct.
Spent the day walking around and around to the National Library, The Archives and another genealogy place. Will fly to Aberdeen, Scotland tomorrow.

All this typing was a big effort for me but it's not nearly as much as Joyce is doing.


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