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February 19th 2007
Published: February 19th 2007
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Phew - That was close!!!Phew - That was close!!!Phew - That was close!!!

Shortly after being rescued from the shark infested waters & given the kiss of life by a retired doctor from Chicago. . . . Not a good day :-(
. . . . . . I'm writing this with a heavy heart & sense of trepidation as it seems my Keepers are yet again taking me travelling. To be honest, I don't think I'll ever get the hang of this flying malarky (why can these Humans not just swing from tree to tree as nature intended?).

This will be my 3rd trip to Thailand.

I've suffered in the past over there. I've been lobbed into a shark infested lagoon (by the small human my Keepers look after), dropped from the dizzying height of a very large elephant (by the same aforementioned midget) resulting in a very undignified rescue by said elephants trunk from a HUGE pile of poo. Left out far too long in the sun during the day (that factor 30 plays havoc with my fur!) & abandoned in bars at night.

Hopefully this will be more of a success this time. They tell me that the small one is staying at home because she's too small to do something called scuba. So with a bit of luck I might actually get
Would you like a straw with that sir?Would you like a straw with that sir?Would you like a straw with that sir?

Err . . . Yes & a stepladder please. . .
a holiday for a change. :-)

We set off to Bangkok on March 23rd, shooting straight down to Samui for a couple of days then to Ko Tao (a new spot for me - great banana shakes apparently!), a week on Ko Phangan then back to BKK for some shopping (...more bananas maybe ???...) Then back home Easter Monday.

I'll do my best to blog away whilst also doing my best to keep my Keepers in check once we hit the tropics in 4 weeks time.


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I Used To Drive An Aircooled VW.I Used To Drive An Aircooled VW.
I Used To Drive An Aircooled VW.

Some parts of the world still swear by the concept. (Legal disclaimer - This image was downloaded from an publicly open internet source & bears no reference, resemblence or implied similarity to any airline either known to or used by myself or any of my collaborators. The image is provided for artistic impact & humour purposes only.)

22nd February 2007

I wish I could fly up to Chiang Mai, but I cant!!!
Yes MM humans ARE funny they fly in big metal versions of my cousins that can fly high in the sky!, my owner took me on one a few times, when he had a good job, I always sneeked into the front of the plane and drunk the bubbly drink in the tall glasses, after a few sips kept knocking them over and was sent back to the part of the plane that smelt like a farm yard. My owner drank that beer in your picture and after a few thought he was a singer and then tried to encourage me to be one too by sticking his hand up my arse! A word to the wise mate after even a couple of them keep em peeled , have a ganda before you swing in, the goose might be a gander! Did you here about the Muslim duck that flew into a bar in Tel Aviv ??? BOOM< BOOM !!!
27th February 2007

Wow ....
Wow! ... If you don't mind me saying you're one Funky Monkey!

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