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November 24th 2006
Published: March 1st 2007
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Lake GenevaLake GenevaLake Geneva

The shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland, where we met Cameron & Heidi.
We spent an awesome couple of weeks road tripping through Europe with our friends Cam and Heidi. We made our way through central and eastern Switzerland, Bavaria, Melk (Austria), Vienna, Prague and wrapped up in Berlin where we met with our Aussie & Brit mates Moo, Nicole and Catriona.

Highlights included eating traditional Swiss food such as Raclette and Fondue (and staple sausage eh Cam!), heavy snow falls, hairy mountain passes that snowed over the day after we passed through, a high-tech interactive music museum in Vienna where we got to conduct our own orchestra, Prague Castle with its surrounding cobblestone streets, the vibrancy of Berlin, an extremely solemn & disturbing trip to Sachsenhausen Nazi work camp, many German beers, a 14% alcohol Austrian beer that tasted like golden syrup and many miles of amazing scenery.

Here are the picks of the pics.

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Early morning shroudEarly morning shroud
Early morning shroud

The view from our balcony in Gryon, Switzerland.
Cross at Les Chaux, SwitzerlandCross at Les Chaux, Switzerland
Cross at Les Chaux, Switzerland

We hiked up here during our trip in 2000 and managed to haul our butts up again this time to see if our names were still engraved in the wood (they weren't!).
The Furka PassThe Furka Pass
The Furka Pass

an amazing stretch of road winding its way up the mountain past glaciers and very steep drops. The day after we drove through it was snowed in.

Swiss cows are so friendly and make the yummiest cheese!
Cam & Steve in BrigelsCam & Steve in Brigels
Cam & Steve in Brigels

trying very hard to look cool...
Shit Carter in actionShit Carter in action
Shit Carter in action

Position Vacant: Must be able to drive straight, fling shit in 10m radius, and handle highly offensive odours.

while we were in Brigels the farmers were busy herding all the animals into the bottom halves of their houses where they would stay for the long cold winter.
good morninggood morning
good morning

we awoke to find everything covered in fresh powder snow

1st March 2007

Hey guys...some absolutely awesome photos. super...i have some photos from berlin that i am going to email to you. i miss you guys heaps and i had a ball with you in germany. only wish we had longer. love you both and thinking about you as always. xxx moo

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