A day round Santa Maria

October 4th 2019
Published: October 6th 2019
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All sorted for our move back to Sevilla tommorrow. We managed to book most places for a week, but in Spain's case we did 5x5x5 nights seeing as the move wasn't too far. I am impressed by the trains....bang on time, well informed for foreigners, super clean, comfortable & above all everyone keeps their voices down.....wait till we return to Italy!!

I notice too people are kept fully employed in tidying & cleaning the streets. They are washed everyday & everynight. Absolutely NO Litter!...even the cigarette butts!! Go Spain ..there is no excuse is there!

A wander out after a misty morning from the sea lifted. Around San Marcos Castillo (medieval). Christopher Columbus was said to have stayed for 2 years in this area. And I realise now that Colombia is named after him. He was self educated & well read in particular of astronomy, geography & history. I'm not so sure all his voyages were without controversay....the need for spice & gold & slavary was very dominant in the discovery of 'new land'....Columbus was sponsored by Monarch's & their needs outweighed his.

We've packed our two & 1/2 bags....bit of a rythym there now.

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