Rory Brown, Lifestyle & Food Blogger, Shares Tips for Actually Getting Work Done While Traveling

July 9th 2019
Published: July 9th 2019
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If you travel a lot for business, you probably know how challenging it is to optimize your time and energy, especially when your week involves several flights, meetings, and hotel rooms along the way.

When work can’t wait, despite the challenges, I’ve come to rely on a few strategies to help me get more done, optimize my time, and be less stressed at the end of it.

Rory Brown’s Tips to Get Work Done While Traveling:

1. Book your commute based on the amenities

We can all agree that commuting is probably the biggest time-waster there is. However, if you book your commute based on amenities that will help you get some work done along the way, you’ll arrive ahead of the game. Most airlines list what amenities are available on each flight. Things like having a power outlet at your seat and Wi-Fi availability will allow you to get things done in the air so you can avoid hours of catch-up at your destination.

2. Keep up your healthy routine

If you run, work out, or have a fitness program you stick to religiously, don’t put it aside just because you’re traveling. Keep to your routine as much as possible. If you’re a gym rat, check for gym availability in the hotel or nearby. Be sure to bring your running gear and pack a travel kit with some resistance bands and a yoga mat so you can do a bodyweight workout wherever you are.

3. Get ahead of yourself before you leave

If you double up on assignments before you take off, you won’t have to scramble to catch up later. Spend some time making a schedule that gives you a month ahead at a glance and start cracking things off that list.

4. Get Skyroam

Let’s face it – there is nothing more frustrating than dodgy Wi-Fi when you’re on the road. If you’re in the civilized world, you might have the advantage of free hotspots or Wi-Fi courtesy of your hotel, the airport, train, or whatever restaurant you’re having lunch in, but I’ve spent enough time outside Charleston, SC chasing the sun to know that you can’t always count on it. Skyroam is an excellent little device that lets you connect all of your devices to the internet wherever you are in the world. You’ll never have to spend all day in a Starbucks again.

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About: Rory Brown delivers food criticism and healthy lifestyle advice to a devoted community across three continents and growing. Beginning in Charleston, SC, he has attracted a large following by offering nuanced takes on fine cuisine with a focus on health. Mr. Brown splits his time between Charleston, Kauai, Sydney, and Lake Como, keeping his finger firmly on the culinary pulse across the globe.


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