Chilling in Ireland before the trip really starts...

June 10th 2019
Published: June 10th 2019
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With a week in Ireland on my hands and supposedly little else to do but relax, I've somehow managed to be kept on the go these past few days. Senan is embracing being in his Granny & Grandad's house, but is also attached to me at the hip. I can only wonder how he will respond when he soon realises that he has Mammy and Daddy 24/7 at his disposal!

The flight on Wednesday from Eindhoven to Dublin went fine. The main challenge was keeping Senan awake from his midday nap until we got on board. In typical Ryanair fashion they had us 'priority' queueing outside the airport, waiting for the previous flight to disembark. While loitering with intent, we witnessed six or seven army fighter jets taking off. Majestic, but hugely noisy and immensely scary for a tired little toddler. He demanded to be carried as each one took off - no small feat while juggling multiple bags and nudging the buggy along! (Donkey-pose aside, I actually thought it was quite cool to watch them take off).

So we arrived on the plane. Both grumpy. Senan sleepy but curious enough about the take off to keep his eyes open until we were up in the air. As it was Senan's first time flying in his own seat I also had the opportunity to try out our new CARES airplane seat belt harness.. After I sweet talked our rear view neighbours to help me attach the thing to the chair, Senan begrudgingly accepted being strapped in - and essentially pasted to the chair!! As the plane took off I was amazed as Senan wolfed down my 'healthy snack for the plane' of 12 strawberries, in about 3 seconds flat.. Thankfully I had a few other things, but lesson learned: quadruple the food stash for the next flights!

With the plane in the air, Senan slumped forward in his harness and proceeded to do an adorable nodding forward, jolt back, nodding forward, jolt back motion while he fought to stay asleep while in obvious discomfort. I fought to get the steward's attention to score a bottle of wine while the coast was clear!

As only a toddler can do, he snapped awake up after my first sip of wine, demanding his own version of 'mommy juice'. I complied -clearly just conflict avoiding- and we got through the remainder of the flight mostly unscathed. (Despite a momentary panic moment having realised that the battery on the tablet was dead... = lesson no.2 from the flight!)

Negotiating Dublin airport went well. Thankfully the buggy was available at the end of the steps of the plane. I also just really love Dublin airport passport control. They always make that little bit of an effort to be more human in their welcome (back) to Ireland. In our case, upon learning that Senan was going to visit his Granny & Grandad, he received the excited advice that he should 'get them to bring you to Smyths (toy store) and McDonalds!!'.

A quick pitstop at currency exchange to sort some HK Dollars and Yen, and we were in the car whizzing back to my parents house, where thankfully Senan was immediately at ease.

Saturday was a great day out, with Senan and his little buddy Oran enjoying a morning at Dublin Zoo and a leisurely playdate at Oran's afterwards. Playdates are a Godsent for parents! The two boys happily whiled the afternoon away, amicably negotiating usage of Oran's stash of toys.

After fitting in a catch up meal with my girlies and a grown-up playdate at the Spa with my bestie, it has been a busy week in Ireland but also the perfect way to change down gear after work mode, in anticipation of 2.5 months of glorious weeks of adventure.

Philippe arrives on Tuesday, and then we are at T-2 days. I expect one final repack and a trip to the shops to pack a bunkers worth of food supplies for the 13 hour trip to Hong Kong...

We're doing it. We are really doing it!!

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