Day at sea

May 8th 2019
Published: May 8th 2019
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Considering last nights escapades celebrating liverpool steam rollering barcelona to reach the Champions league semi final...we were up relatively early and in time for a club class breakfast at Sabatini restuarant. The chef had made some nut free danishes especially for me and i never have the heart to tell them that danishes are not really my thing!

After breakfast the four of us went to the thermal spa where barbara donned a swimming costume for only the 2nd time in her life. We all enjoyed the heated beds, sauna and hot tubs very much. Dave and I even braved the outdoor pool which is linked to the was surprisingly warm considering the outside temperatures. The weather today is calm and, whilst it is on the cool side, the sun has been blazing all day and we have seen nothing but azure blue skies.

The rest of the day has been spent with Gary and Barb playing golf and all of us looking around the various on board shops. We mixed the shopping trips up with regular breaks to crooners bar. Both David and i wore our Liverpool shirts today and the times we have been stopped by people to say how thrilled they were, i have lost count!

One lady came up to me and asked what the score had been. When i told her 4-0 she said, "never, not to liverpool??" i said, yep! and she looked like she was going to cry she was so excited. She was a manchester united fan too lol. She ran to her husband and squealed the result to him, it was really nice to be around people from different clubs who wanted to share in the excitement of the result. I still cannot believe we turned that around.

Toward the end of the afternoon Dave and i were feeling as though we were a bit lacking in excersise and so we headed on up to deck 16 something and played some basketball. i was not going to play this cruise because i have a really sore elbow at the moment (tennis elbow i think) and it has been agony for well over 9 weeks. I managed to still thrash dave though so that is okay. :-D

It did not hurt as much as i expected at the time but i am paying for it now slightly.... doctors appointment is already booked for when i return because i need to know why it has not got much better in months AND i have been resting it.

David's ankle is sore too so i am not alone on the injury front. Dave wants me to mention that we also played football and he won.

anyway, after i beat dave at basketball, including 4 matches and a round the world competition, we headed on back to the room to get ready for our evening meal. we are all now sat in vines winebar for a pre food drink....this is another classic.... barbara said "can i have a glass of sherry?" to the bartender and a few minutes later when she came over with it, Barbara sipped it and then SHRIEKED... " AINT YOU GOT HARVEY'S BRISTOL CREAM????" as though she had specifically asked for that one and had in someway been personally wronged. We all shouted back "you didnt ask for harvey's"

anyway, it was dutifully replaced with the correct drink with no issues so Barbara is happy now. she will, i am sure, be certain to ask for the drink she actually wants in future!

time for dinner anyway.

Tomorrow is Stockholme and the start of 5 stops on the trot. :-D


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