Travel cash — 3 ways to fund your dream lifestyle

October 29th 2018
Published: October 29th 2018
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Dedicated travelers who want to spend an extended time traversing the world often need to think outside the box when it comes to finances.

If you’re particularly well-paid or earn an average crust but have become a thrifty saver, you might stash enough cash in a couple of years to go global.

But other adventurers might need alternative financial means of satisfying their wanderlust.

So if you need to raise travel money, here are three ways to fund your dream lifestyle.

1. Home on wheels

Provided you’re fully committed to a few years on the road, you might raise a large lump sum by selling your bricks and mortar home, purchasing a motorhome and pocketing the change.

A reliable RV that’s been magnificently maintained could let you roll right around North and South America or explore every nook and cranny of Europe.

And today’s vehicles feature fab mod cons like fridges, TVs, comfy living areas and beautiful bedrooms.

Tip: read this motorhome buyers’ guide from AutoTrader for the latest makes and models.

2. Crowdfunding

If you’ll be raising money for charity as part of your travel sabbatical or using your experiences to research some sort of creative project, it might be possible to use crowdfunding to raise cash.

A site like Kickstarter can help you fundraise for a range of projects, while Patreon is perfect for artists seeking financial support in return for exclusive access to special offers or personalised products.

It’s important to study the rules of each particular platform before launching a campaign, but it could be another way of generating the green stuff.

Tip: studying this crowdfunding guide from the Money Advice Service is worthwhile.

3. Investments

Investments aren’t just for the super-rich — in the right hands, they can make money for any regular joe with a decent sum to play with.

It’s always best to seek advice from a financial adviser before parting with your hard-earned cash, but a carefully-curated portfolio may make a modest fortune while you’re on the road.

You can use investments to build a nest egg for your return or to cash in at an opportune moment to fund further travels.

Tip: grab advice on managing money from a firm like Chancellor Financial to stay secure.

When you’re daydreaming about trekking through a tropical paradise, diving into a divine waterfall or watching the sun sink slowly over a stunning new horizon, it’s easy to forget that you’ll need cold, hard, currency to make this a reality.

And while you can work while you’re on the move, it’s always best to have some savings at your back.

These three ways to fund your dream lifestyle should mean that you’ve got enough travel cash to circumnavigate the globe in relative comfort — put them in place today as a springboard to travel success.

Can you think of alternative ways to fund travel? Share them in the comments section.


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