Another day at sea - #2 of only 3!

September 6th 2018
Published: September 7th 2018
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What a lovely day! Cruising on our way to Copenhagen (pronounced like Copp-en-hargen). Nowhere to go, nothing to do but be looked after! This morning we woke very late (for us). Brekkie up on the deck of La Terraza, then off to the enrichment lecture about Denmark. Oh dear. Nice little old man but so out of touch. “Small fact that no-one realises is that Denmark has a royal family. Fancy that! And they have their queen, but of course she’s not as famous as our queen!“ No recognition of the fact that they have Aussies on board, and that the crown prince married an Aussie from Tasmania with Scottish Ancestry. And then ”the little 🧜‍♀️ mermaid -written by Hans Andersen who also wrote the Nightingale”. That would be Hans CHRISTIAN Andersen who also wrote The Emporers New Clothes, the Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, and many more. Duh!! If you’re going to be an expert, BE an expert!! He also showed an art piece depicting people on the beach of Skagen pronounced ”Skein”, our following port, saying “I don’t know who did this or what it was called, but around 1899”. So I googled Skagen and art and found the said piece of art within 2 minutes, giving title and artist. So at the end of the talk we went to the front of the stage and told him, to find a whole lot of Aussies behind us telling him about Mary.... and yes, he already knew! Just didn’t impart the knowledge.

Following the talk we went to the library lounge. We were delighted to find our internet working!! After writing a couple of blog entries we went down to our cabin to continue and prepare for our lunch At La Terraza. After lunch we returned to our room where Tom watched a movie and I blogged. After a while we proceeded down to Dolce Vitafor marines and trivia! After that it was time to prepare for our reception to meet the captain for our formal evening. We went to the Venetian Lounge, which is really a theatre, and were presented to the captain by Charmaine, our on board cruise consultant who knows us quite well! Many people were presented wit( certificates for hundreds of nights on board! We must add up to 20-something! When we sat down and were served champagne and nibblies another couple came and sat next to us. They are from ...... Taree!! Isn’t it amazing? This was followed by dinner at Atlantide, the normal dining room.


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