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August 8th 2016
Published: September 5th 2016
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While I think this city should be part of Italy, the Vatican City is the smallest city in the world and is surrounded by Italy. We actually walked there from our hotel. The Vatican is the city of the pope, but it has restaurants and taxis. We went to the Vatican Museum. The first thing we saw in the Vatican museum was an outside part. It had a giant pine cone which I honestly don't know why it is there. Then we went to a room of a bunch of statues and busts. Some of the statues I knew, such as Artemis, Hermes, and Athena. Next we went to a room with a bunch of Egyptian items like mummies, art, tombs and other artifacts. Then we walked through a long hallways which had tapestries. Then we went to the Sistene Chapel. On the ceiling of the chapel, there was beautiful art painted by Michelangelo. It was packed with a bunch of people.

This is a very short blog for a very small country.

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Vatican MuseumVatican Museum
Vatican Museum

Not sure why there is a giant pinecone here

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