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April 17th 2012
Published: April 17th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

My top ten list

1- My Honey Bee, the sweetest girl ever, she has had my attention for all the three years I've been here. Now this year we have really gotten a chance to bond and become close friends, and this is something I'm glad to have and cherish with all my heart, and I will continue to build upon this to make something even greater, and i will never forget this.

2- Experiences, I pick this as number one because all the good and bad thing that happen to me while at this school shaped me and continues to do so, and there are thing I will never forget.

3- Friends, the second thing has to be friend because everyone starts off as a friend, and that friendship can flourish and turn into something more or burn to thegrounds and end. So the friendships I've made will never be forgotten.

4- Relationships, everything starts at the friend level but each friend you make has a different bond with you, some are best friends, some are close friends, and some even become a couple in the end. So the all the relationships I will not forget.

5- Discipline, is something that has been the monkey on my back and I hate it. All the stuff this school discipline system has put me through.

6- Transfering, being a transfer student to UICCP has been a up hill battle. Sometimes I feel staying at my old school would have been better but I've grown to love UICCP.

7- Teachers, the teachers at school have been teaching me stuff for the last three years and what I have learned can never be forgotten.

8- The Environment, I want be able to forget the way this school looks, the hallways and lockers have been ing raved in my head.

9- Summer, every year since I've been here I've had to come to summer school for discipline or for school work, and not until I came here did I every go to summer school.

10- Connections, going to UICCP has given me a lot of connections to other places to help with my future.


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