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June 4th 2005
Published: June 4th 2005EDIT THIS ENTRY

Today I had a busy day. Our driver picked us up at 8:00a and we immediately proceeded to Rome. From Civitavecchia where our boat docked, it took over an hour to get there. First we went to Vatican City/St. Peter's Basilica. There was a mass going on when we entered so the huge pipe organ was playing and people were singing, it was really beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world! It was extremely crowded today, the most people we have ever seen there, so we didn't get to go to Pope John Paul II grave, the line was so long it would have been hours waiting time😞
After we visited the basilica we went to see a lot of other things including the Pantheon (I wasn't too impressed), The Trevi Fountain (Brittany and I each threw 3 coins in the fountain over our shoulder and made a wish), several piazzas (always fun) and the coliseum(the BEST). My favorite thing was the coliseum because I love the history of it with the duels, lions, and aquatic war games. That must have been the place to be in those days! We ate lunch in a large piazza with a lot of street performers doing their acts. I like to watch the performers, they do some funny things but I won't go up to them when they ask me to, not for me. They were playing Star War music during lunch, not something you would expect to hear in an Italian piazza? I love that music so I was happy to hear it.
By the end of the day I was getting tired. I have a cold and it is making me cranky, but never too cranky to play in the kids playroom😊
We just started sailing at 7:00p to Livorno, Italy. We have a late tour tomorrow and there is a lot to see there. I'll tell you all about it when we get back. Hope everyone is doing well. Please keep writing, I enjoy your comments.
Take Care.
Michael Conner


4th June 2005

Caio! Caio!
I love hearing about all of your travels. I loved Pompeii too, pretty amazing to think how smart they were back then! Be sure to get gelato. MMMM..MMM..GOOD! I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. I don't know if you heard but I have decided to stay in Spring Hill and teach at can never get rid of me now! Can't wait to see you guys. Miss you! - Roe
5th June 2005

Hey boy!
Hey Punky! Yes, I think Vatican City is where everyone wants to go now. Sorry you didn't get to pay your respect to JPII, but at least I know you will have a reason to come back. Make sure you plan your next trip through Poland ;) I promise to show you around! Today I enjoy my first absolutely free Sunday since a few months, so I slept till 3pm to make up for at least a couple weeks ;) Do you get enough sleep?? Guess not, because you're off of school, and then you never sleep in late ;) or is there something I don't know about? Take good care of yourself and don't let the cold get to the outgoing part of you! :) I hope it goes away soon. Keep us updated! Hugs and kisses!!! - Joasia
5th June 2005

Viva Italia!
Wow MC! You have gotten to see soo many beautiful, historical places. Your travel Journal is going to be very interesting when you go back and read it years later. I too love the coliseum. Last time I saw some gladiators walking down the street! I read somewhere that they have a gladiator camp that you can go to and expereince life as a galdiator for a couple of hours! Sounds like fun. Enjoy the rest of your trip. CIAO! Say hi to Brittany for me. - Laraine

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