Day 2 with internet (day 1 without!)

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June 30th 2012
Published: June 30th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

It's my birthday! And we awoke this morning to the sound of rain and geese... 6.00am! Rain soon stopped and after breakfast walked into the lovely old quaint town of Reading... well, you have to start somewhere.

A whole morning spent dealing with technology problems, but worthwhile. I got my internet access sorted so that I can blog, and H got his mob phone replaced... we can communicate with the outside world once again.

Lunch at Tampopo... recommend it, then back to boat and off to Henley to join the Regatta hoorays. £40 to moor here for the night... apparently it's my birthday present from H! Waiting for fireworks from Henley bridge.

Hoping to graduate to photos tomorrow!


30th June 2012

Happy Birthday!
Hey Rosie, glad you're back on line. Hope you've had a lovely birthday and enjoyed the lovely weather this evening. What a lovely idea the blog, I love a bit of vicarious(not sure of the spelling but know what I mean) living. We've had Chinese at the Scheswan Inn with the children, also nice but not on the boat, still jealous and I can see it will only get worse! Cynthia
1st July 2012

Happy travels up the river
Lovely to pick up your travel news, how far are you going on this intrepid adventure and Happy Birthday Rosie! Lets catch up on your return. Love Sarah and Mick
1st July 2012

Happy birthday
What an original and thoughtful present for the girl who has everything. Well done Howard...a mooring!
2nd July 2012

2 days on the high seas!!
Well done to Captain H and able seaperson R! Glad the loo is functional now and the strap on headlamps must be very fetching! Happy (belated) Birthday and wasn't it nice of Captain H to lay on a Regatta for you. Your journey sounds wonderful and I will look forward to tracking your journey...I hope that the weather improves and you get to use that sunscreen. Have lots of fun Gill & Mick xx
2nd July 2012

Hi you two! and I thought you were off travelling to Peru or somewhere exotic as I had no idea what your boat was called....Happy Birthday Rosie, hope you had some champagne. sorry to say but you might need your waterproofs this week still you are made of strong stuff .... have fun! Love Suzie

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