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September 24th 2010
Published: September 24th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

23 hours in a plane is a long, long time especially when the trip begins with the two people you have to sit with sighing because you have turned up to occupy the seat next to them - yes move your stuff please or I'll be forced to tai tai tap you. Also I'm still amased that people seemed shocked and put out by the sight of the large large queue at customs - when is there not a queue?

Presently i should be sleeping in my yotel hotel bed, very cosy ifa little claustrophobic as it was my plan to help beat the jet lag - mishap number one on the way any time now as my eyes are nicely red and getting that crazed glazed look, no doubt i'll be in fine for to meet Rochelle in a couple of hours time.

For those of you who are wondering because you know I am a sook, yes I cried as my husband dumped me at the airport as he took a call from the multinational giant, seriously they always have such good timing and it was soooo romantic! I have a book running on how long Greg can stay in the country while i'm not - any bids please let me know.
Sorry Megs couldn't resist!

Missing all my boys big and small very much already but getting very excited and just want to be there already. Casablanca awaits........

Love P


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