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April 23rd 2010
Published: May 4th 2010
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This is a different kind of blog for me. It is not about a particular location I have visited or people I have met, it is simply about what I saw and the overwhelmingly optimistic feeling that Spring 2010 brought to the United Kingdom!

Sure, Australia experiences changes in seasons. For example, early in April, my Dad emailed to let me know that "winter had struck". I shared this information with Martin and Irina in Scotland and they immediately asked what temperature that would suggest. "Oh, I would think a maximum of 16 degrees celcius". At the time, in Aberdeen, the maximum temperature was around that mark and the locals were out and about, walking along the beach and queuing for ice cream! Further, just two weeks later, my Mum told me she had been for a swim at the beach in Torquay. It was mid-April and the maximum had been 28 degrees. Go figure!

So the difference for me is, whilst Australia changes seasons, and occasionally swings back to the last one before accepting the new, there is no extreme in Australia that results in the same collective sigh of relief from humans, plants and animals alike that Spring 2010 had finally sprung as it did in the UK!

I mentioned in my initial Scotland blog about the presence of daffodils in Aberdeen. Well, I can say that bulbs of all kinds and colors and blossoms from a variety of trees sprang up before my eyes throughout April.

The simple presence of blue skies, budding flowers and trees and the color they then bring is enough to make anyone happy.

Please enjoy these happy snaps I took around the continent. I haven't bothered to try to identify each plant, flower etcetera, just where they were located.

Share in the optimism of Spring.....

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St James ParkSt James Park
St James Park

A bit Monet-esque, say 'Gardens of Giverny'???

I LOVE hyacinths

Kirk of St Nicholas

Overlooking the island of Hoy
Highland ParkHighland Park
Highland Park

Lovely daffodils outside the Visitor Centre

Geese in flight near Maes Howe

21st June 2010

A beam of Optimism
Merryn; please excuse me - you published this entry weeks ago now and yet I didn't think to check after your last London entry. Such a brilliant blog: short, sweet, and not about anyplace in particular, just your thoughts on realising you've discovered something about the UK's collective psyche. Great, great travel writing.
15th July 2010

Love your photography Merryn! The spring blossoms are beautiful, could just imagine the heady scents in the warm afternoon sun and wish I was there too!
2nd January 2011
Peter's Apple Tree

Great flower photography.
2nd January 2011
Peter's Apple Tree

I love the bee
steady hand, good eye.

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