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July 14th 2009
Published: July 14th 2009
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Jet Lag on FilmJet Lag on FilmJet Lag on Film

Yup, I'm Lagged.
Ok, so in the past the Brits that were behaving badly were sent to prison in Australia. This time Penny the Australian has been imprisoned in the UK. We were hoping to be here for a week, maybe's actually been almost a month.

This is going to be a short entry…as we’re visiting friends and family because we’re imprisoned in the UK…so nothing too exciting for everyone else! We arrived back in London after Hawaii and Chicago to…surprise, more sunshine! So we weren’t going to complain. We had an appointment on Thursday to go to the Canadian Embassy and get Penny’s Canadian Visa sorted. We stood in the queue for about half an hour before getting into the embassy. 15 minutes later they had Penny’s passport and told us to come back in 2 weeks. So off we went to Birmingham to visit Nigel, Penny’s cousin.

A quick train ride got us to Nigel’s and we went for a meal and a pint, and had a good chat. The next day Nigel took us up to a local lake (there was actually 3 separate lakes) and we took a walk around and saw plenty of birds, I’m not
Buckingham PalaceBuckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace

We had to go see Buckingham Palace and tick the box. Moose wasn't bothered but we made him get a photo anyway.
a huge bird fan, but I like Herons and we spotted a few of them. Nigel was going away for his work, so Penny and I hung around his place for a few days before heading up to Scotland. Thanks Nigel!! In Scotland Jen (a Canadian friend of ours) picked us up and we crashed at her place. We met up with a few friends while we were in Scotland, caught up with my family and then said our goodbye’s a second time before heading back down to Birmingham where we caught up with Nigel for a night before he headed off for his work again. Then we were back in London for a night to pick up Penny’s passport, and I had an interview for my British Passport….then we jumped on a Bus up to Glasgow….again. This time we stayed with John, a friend of mine who was kind enough to water and feed us for a few days before he disappeared off to Turkey for work…so we were able to stay at his place, and in return for his help we dug up his backyard and laid down some seed for him! John also took us with him
Mr ImportantMr ImportantMr Important

Well, could have been a Mrs or a Miss, but someone got dropped off at Buckingham Palace in a horse drawn carriage...oooh!
and 3 of his 4 boys to the Alva Highland Games, and since Penny had never seen a highland games before that was cool. It also turned out that my passport showed up the day after we left London! So now Penny and I are all good to go, we’ve bought plane tickets to Toronto (Hamilton actually) and we’re on our way this Saturday. So this time we really are leaving…..for the 3rd and final time!! Goodbye Scotland, hello Canada!

Additional photos below
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Lost my head in LondonLost my head in London
Lost my head in London

Not sure what the wee head is doing between the people...must be lost.

This was a monument of some description in front of Buckingham Palace.
Canadian MemorialCanadian Memorial
Canadian Memorial

The brits displayed this Canadian memorial near Buckingham Palace.
Canadian eh?Canadian eh?
Canadian eh?

Canadian laddie holding a Canadian Maple Leaf in front of the Canadian Monument....yawn.
Canadian LeavesCanadian Leaves
Canadian Leaves

The monument had all these bronze leaves all over the monument.
Reeling it inReeling it in
Reeling it in

Nigel's lakes had a host of fisherman fishing for Perch, Carp, and a few other fish. What's he got!?
Reeled InReeled In
Reeled In

The fish is a carp, not a pretty fish, but a fun fish to fish if you're going to fish and want a fighty fish.

Not entirely sure, but I think this is a cormorant up at Nigels lakes.
Heron Here on the lakeHeron Here on the lake
Heron Here on the lake

One of the few birds I think are cool...this Heron was hunting in the shallows.
Medic, I need a medic!Medic, I need a medic!
Medic, I need a medic!

Penny was involved in a horrible, if not bizarre beer coaster accident. Shad showed no sympathy.
Cousins and CousinsCousins and Cousins
Cousins and Cousins

My cousin Marie with her wee girl Alisha who cemented herself in my memory when she pee'd all over my feet. Don't ask.
Doris in the Day!Doris in the Day!
Doris in the Day!

My aunt Doris made Penny and I millions of food! We got about 15 mins of sunshine in her garden after our feast before the rain
The GarageThe Garage
The Garage

I spent many a night in my younger years trying to get into this club with trainers on...I think I got in once? Dereck and Penny waiting for Alley under the big "Lorrie".
Highland FlingHighland Fling
Highland Fling

No no, Penny hasn't met a handsome's the Alva Highland games where she listened to the pipers, saw some men toss the hammer, watched some lassies dance the highland fling, but sadly no caber tossing.
2 of 4 and 4 of 42 of 4 and 4 of 4
2 of 4 and 4 of 4

This is Aiden John's second oldest boy obviously enjoying the ride, and Connor his youngest in the background all smiles as well.
3 of 43 of 4
3 of 4

Owen my mate Johns' kid, he's the 3 oldest of 4 boys. Football and slushee's made him a happy wee boy on a sunny Scottish Saturday.
Flipping outFlipping out
Flipping out

After my night out with my cousin Brian I was a bit rough....but not rough enough to miss out on a trampoline!

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