5 Tips For Travelling With Kids

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October 15th 2020
Published: October 15th 2020
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2020 hasn’t exactly been the year for travelling. But it has left many of us with a thirst for adventure after being cooped up at home for so long.

And it’s never too soon to start planning your next excursion, whether that’s a staycation close to home or a trip further afield in the hopefully-not-too­­-distant future.

But for many parents, the journey there (and back) can be one of the most stressful aspects of any holiday. So whether you’re travelling by car, train or plane, these are just five tips to turn travelling with kids into plain sailing.

1. Pack smart

When you have children, travelling light is easier said than done.

But if, like many parents, your family has a tendency to pack more than is necessary, cutting back even a little can make your trip to the airport much easier.

A great way to reduce baggage is to compile a list of things you can buy when you arrive at your destination – nappies are a great example. Planning ahead this way can be a real space saver and means less to carry around.

2. Bring entertainment

Long journeys can get boring very quickly without something to do.

Thankfully, kids of all ages can be easily entertained with a phone or tablet – download a few hours’ viewing from Netflix to keep them quiet. Oh, and be sure to pack a portable battery charger just in case!

If you’re trying to reduce screen time, encourage your kids to bring some reading material or an activity book for the ride instead.

And if you’re travelling by car, why not pick out a family-friendly podcast to keep everyone amused?

3. Take lunch

Finding somewhere to eat on the road can be a hassle, not to mention expensive.

Instead, prepare something for the journey ahead that everyone will like. If you feel like switching up the traditional packed lunch, Riso Gallo have a great range of risottos that are tasty, nutritious and easy to make. Simply prepare it before you leave and pop it in a tub for a simple and delicious lunch!

4. Pre-book as much as possible

You don’t have to plan every minute of your trip in advance, but it’s always worth checking out the highlights of your holiday destination before you go.

Once you have an idea of hotspots and attractions you might like to visit, get booking! Many places will offer discounts for families booking in advance, and sites like Wowcher are a great place to look for money-saving codes and coupons that can also spare ticket queues on the day.

5. Leave yourself plenty of time

It’s a good idea to plan as much as you can well in advance.

But remember too that on the day, it’s better to be early than late.

Your kids may not thank you for the early-morning wakeup call, but it’s preferable to racing through an airport terminal wishing you’d left just that little bit earlier.

We hope these five tips are helpful for your next family holiday!

Got any more tips for travelling with kids? Share your wisdom with us in the comments below!


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