How Play Facilities All Over the World are Using Safety Surfacing for Playgrounds

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February 20th 2019
Published: February 20th 2019
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Whenever a school, community or home considers building a playground, safety is vital. And the surfacing material installed forms a critical part in achieving this. But the process of choosing the right type is daunting to develop and match the existing equipment on the site. Well, every state has its set requirement standards that must be followed. Consulting the leading provider and playground specialists, Soft Surfaces, can help you understand the benefits of every option. Read on and find out how playground uses safety surfacing to transform their facilities into an interesting utopia.

a. Enhance dull concrete.

The original playground sites tend to be dull and not appealing to kids. Since it is a place to enable children to thrive and let their imaginations run wild, the facilities should be designed to stimulate excitement and joy. Brightening up open fields or schoolyards complements an already existing space and purchased equipment. With this, the venue provides the best for playing children to connect and have delighting impacts. Not only do you make the area beautiful, but flooring facilities also equip shy children with beneficial social skills. Children will eventually learn the benefits of sharing, interacting and co-operating with others.

b. Cater to all children’s hobbies and interest.

For kids to develop their flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination, the playground space needs to allow free movement. With this, they get the opportunity to climb, hop, balance, swing, and trust personal abilities. Since most children spend their time and lives on a play facility, the surfacing determines the use of the installed equipment. The flooring material should be ideal for a range of kids needs within a school, nursery, and local community.

Ensuring the requests you make regarding designing suits the specific and unique needs of children. For instance, wheelchair users or sensory needy kids will not be held back from being active in playing what interests them. In this way, the cognitive abilities develop while also having fun in learning skills from friends.

c. Effective educational help for children.

Most children today miss out on enjoying the beauty of connecting to the world. Having experience with nature is beneficial as it extends from childhood to later life. The most important for a kid is the improved educational opportunities and environmental consciousness. While not an entire forest comes to a playground, the best designers use natural surfacing materials to give an opportunity for kids to interact with the environment. For such a reason, teachers and education experts worldwide praise the approach and confirm surfacing is a successful alternative learning method.

The active plays sharpen kid’s memories, grows attention time and help with language gaining due to the prompt to widen the expressive vocabularies. The flooring options fight the recent trend of televisions, phones and workstation games taking children’s rest time. In the end, adverse effects like poor mental health, lack of focus in class, and obesity are no more.

Finally, developing safe playgrounds means a happy playtime. Of course, kids need to enjoy playing with the outdoor equipment without the worries of falling on hard surfaces. Although no material guarantees injuries, using the right type prevents severe damages. Everywhere in the world, today do not go wrong but consider keeping children comfortable, happy and healthy in the play area projects.


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