Scratch Off Maps So Cool, You Want Two of Them

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April 30th 2018
Published: April 30th 2018
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The world of travel maps is under a constant revolution and every new day comes with a new scratch off map. Are you someone who already owns a scratch off map and feels the need to own another one? Maybe you own the Scratch Map Original and often wonder how it would feel like to own another one of it? You could hang it in your office or maybe in your study to keep you motivated. Or you might simply be so bowled over by the scratch map you own (of course by none other than Luckies of London) that you want to spread the awesomeness and gift it to another avid traveller.

Scratch Map Travel For Those With A Weak Spot For Travel Maps: Scratch Map Travel comes in a smaller more fun and compact size of 42 x 29.7 cm and not only will it make an excellent gift but can act as a second scratch off map for you as well. Hey, we don’t judge, you don’t want to know how many scratch maps we own. This world map poster underlay is simple white gloss with foil covering of gold colour and once you scratch it off, you get beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow, and green.

· Same Standards As The Bigger Sister: This scratch off map by Luckies of London is made in North UK and adheres to the same quality standards as all the other travel maps. Even the cool, funky gift tube is made of strong materials so that you can easily carry it with you in your backpack or suitcase without need of worry about creasing it under all the clothes.

· Includes All The Details Of The Bigger Map: This small travel map includes all the details of the original scratch off map, including the capital cities and the state lines for Australia, USA and Canada. The bottom of the map also contains a legend for the tinier countries along with space for writing your name and other details.

· Flip Over For More Fun: Fun doesn’t stop at the front, flip over the scratch off map and be ready to be amazed by the following:

o Travel etiquettes tips

o Space to put your before and after photo

o Blank world map to plan your trip

o Check off modes of transport

o Highlight favourite music and places

Summary: Scratch Map Travel is a handy smaller sized travel map for those who cant seem to get enough of the scratch map greatness and need an on the go personalized map.

Author Bio: Austin Beley is an amateur writer whose believes he has potential to be a great travelogues one day.


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