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October 13th 2017
Published: October 13th 2017
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Cigarette is the most common thing which everyone has been using from many ages and generations and it is still the same even in present generation. There are different types of cigarettes which are available and there are different and best brands also. Anyways smoking is very injurious to health and this is a much known fact for everyone. Vape juice is very famous and is also not so bad for health so people prefer this also in present market. This eliquid is basically begins with vegetable glycerine as main base and this is main ingredient in it.

All the ingredients which are used here are very important for making this vape juice tastier and also attractive. This is good for health and doesn’t actually harm much when compared to cigarette. In this preparation of eliquid vegetable glycerine plays major role and some of them also use propylene glycerine which is also recommendable to use. This vegetable glycerine in this vape juice doesn’t actually carry a lot of flavour but it does produce much vapour. Propylene glycerine is used as main ingredient which is used for anti-freezing.

Ingredients used here are vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, water, nicotine, different flavours. These are the fewer ingredients which are used here in preparation of this vape juice and all of these have their own benefits and specialities which lets the juice be even tastier and also good for health.

Propylene glycol:-

This is basically a natural compound and it has no colour and also odour. This is generally used in food and drugs and not only this but this acts as a main component in many of the manufacturing process which involves food, tobacco and also in some pharmaceutical industries.

Vegetable glycerine:-

This is a natural liquid plant oil extract which has no colour, odour but it has a sweet flavour and also viscous profile in it. FDA approved this vegetable glycerine as good for health and is allowed for human consumption. This is very much used in food, cosmetics and many more.

Nicotine juice:-

Everyone who generally smokes in regular basis should be completely aware that, this juice is what makes a cigarette lighten up. So this is a very important component in every cigarette and also this electronic cigarette and preparation of vape juice too. But one thing everyone should note is that, undiluted-liquid nicotine is very bad for health and so people should take care when they use electronic cigarette. If someone does use undiluted liquid nicotine then they might suffer from acute sickness, death or sometimes in worst cases permanent blindness too.

This nicotine should be kept completely away from children and also pets. And this should always be diluted before using it.


There are different types of flavours available and it is up to people to choose which flavour they like and which one they prefer more. These flavourings add a unique taste for this vape juice.


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