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October 9th 2018
Published: October 14th 2018
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Tuesday October 9 - Jeroen and I got up just before 8am, said good-bye to Simon as he left for work, and had a lovely breakfast that Karen had laid out while she walked Sam. By 10am we said good-bye and drove to visit Guy, another friend from work. He has a house in Crofty, in the Gower peninsula, and was there with his daughters and one of their friends from school while his wife was on a school trip to South Africa. We had some tea and then all of us left for a walk to Worm’s Head on Rhossili. It was a lovely day, windy but sunny, and pretty warm. The views on the coast at Rhossili were stunning, and it was low tide. There was so much beach at low tide, it was almost shocking. This part of the world has the second highest tide change, and you could really see it.

The walk to Worm’s Head is only possible at low tide and it’s quite a scramble over the rocks to get to the island. Jeroen’s boot gave out on the walk and the soul of the boot was flopping everywhere as he walked. I had exactly the same thing happen to me a couple years ago when we were hiking in New Zealand. My boots were fine, but still a bit wet from yesterday. We were going to walk out to the last scrambly part, but when we started, we realized it would be too difficult and probably too time-consuming, since we had to be back before the tide came back in. We headed back and then to a local pub for a drink.

Our next stop was the house, to drop the youngest girl off at her friend’s house for dinner next door, and then we all headed back out to the Tesco express to get some dinner. They have specials where you can get a meal for 2 for 10 pounds, with a main, side, dessert and drink, and we each got our own meal for two. We spent the rest of the evening cooking (warming) and eating and chatting and listening to music. We almost finished all the food, but not quite. It was a really good day.

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