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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham February 19th 2021

Day 344 - It is Friday and we are hurtling through February . We are into the second month of 2021 and still in lockdown . Nearly a year has passed by . Like water under a bridge it has floated away. Next month we will reach a milestone . A whole year since Boris first locked us down warning us not to go out . Shops closed . Panic buying and quiet . What has changed I wondered as I walked .? Not a lot . We are still under lockdown. Hairdressers and barbers closed . Gyms and swimming pools shut . Is there light at the end of the tunnel ? Perhaps as the first minister of Wales has announced a gradual opening up of life . Schools may go back next week after ... read more
Another view of the Dee, the medieval bridge and the church tower
Strange the things you see in a garden
Who is watching who?

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham February 9th 2021

I had an excuse today to get in the car and go into town to pick up something other than groceries . I needed to pick up some pipe fittings and screws and this would give me the opportunity to visit the town I had not walked around for some years. I told myself my trip was essential . I wondered what sort of surprises it would present me with . I wondered if I would be disapppinted in what I saw . I wanted to see my home town as a tourist would . With tourists eyes . To look at it the same way as I would a town or city I visited in Gabby . The sad thing about going back to a place is that it sometimes does not live up to ... read more
The channel tunnel connection - look closely at the top right
The miner and the steelman
The miner

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham February 7th 2021

"Of all the medicines in life , a smile is by far the best medicine " Sri Chimnoy . Is this the day when life starts to spring back to normal ? Is the day when we can indeed smile and think the worse is over . I wondered as I stood leaning against a wall watching the Covid World go by me. I do like a good lean against a wall . We had settled into lockdown quite comfortably in Wales .It was hard to believe we had been here seven whole weeks now and it had started to feel relatively normal . We had forgotten if I were honest what normal feels like . This is the new normal. . I couldn't remember the last time I went for a meal . It seemed ... read more
Small but functional and pretty with it
Cocoa and
reading rooms

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham January 30th 2021

Saturday - I think it is Saturday . The world of Covid has meant that each day remains the same. We wake. We get up and dress. We make breakfast and we eat it . We look out of the window at the weather . Every day has that feeling of inevitability about it . The work of fiction told us last night that wintery weather was on its way to us. Overnight we could expect a few inches of snow . As we tucked into scrambled egg on toast it was clear that the overnight snow did not materialise . Instead it was raining . The sky was overcast and dull without an inch of blue to be seen. A typical January day . Life is going on in its own sweet way. Over breakfast ... read more
They march into the distance - reminding me of a Stephen King film once shown on the TV
Hidden in warmer corners the signs of spring

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham January 24th 2021

As I scrunched my way to the Bridge to survey the height of the river I met an elderly couple . "It's slippery underfoot on the bridge " Indeed it was . The cobblestones took on a shiny appearance underneath the covering of snow . Snow which had been falling steadily for the last hour or so. The sky was white. It looked full of the snow . It was going to fall throughout the day . Sometimes heavy . Othertimes a light scattering . It all looked very pretty. The river was benign. A complete change from a few days ago. The High Street no longer flooded . "It's Biblical isn't it ?" - "Yes" I replied. " it is ".. " She smiled locusts next and walked away. Yes we had seen floods , ... read more
St Duawds in the snow
The Lyche gate in the snow
The bridge in the snow

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham January 21st 2021

Day 305 - Rain in biblical proportions . It started yesterday morning .It feel heavily. The deluge from the sky came on the back of Storm Christoph. We knew it was coming . The sky blackened and the rain fell in sheets . Not what we wanted living by a river which up to now had been benign . It rained until lunchtime . It continued through the afternoon . Our phone rang and a message came - we had moved from Flood Alert to Flood warning . The texts kept pinging in as the rain continued to fail . By evening it had not stopped and a quick check on the Natural Resources Wales site showed the river Dee was rising quite rapidly ., It had not reached its highest point but it was clearly ... read more
The lifeboat waiting to save lives
Well we wont be going on a tour today

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham January 17th 2021

Day 300 of lockdown and Covid restrictions . As I take my daily walk around the new village I find my mind is doing nothing more than drifting from subject to subject . 300 days of living under restrictions . Of swimming pools and gyms closing down , opening up and then closing down again . A merry go round I want to get off . My wandering mind wondered how many miles I had now walked . I lost count in the summer when the swimming pool re-opened . I was some way across France . By now surely I would have got closer to the German border or the German part of France . I have equally lost track of and lost faith in our Prime Minister who has quite literally spouted rubbish out ... read more
Yes when I looked closely it did say it was manufactured in Clay Cross
The perfectly falling down boathouse
The rain gauge

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham January 12th 2021

Well I do like milestones . My 928th blog. Who would have thought it when I wrote the first about my trip to the United States ? . My first flight on an airplane properly . A long distance , long haul what felt like trip of a lifetime. I never would have thought that I would be writing about riding round France in an Audi TT nor travelling to Croatia and Greece in a motorhome . It never entered my head that I would travel in Gabby or move back to Chesterfield . Now full circle have left Chesterfield and find myself writing about lack of holidays , distance walked and Covid . But there it is . 928 blogs . It feels an achievement . I felt walking that I had done everything and ... read more
Rectory Lodge a hint of what used to be here
in the conservation area
The very ancient stile

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham January 11th 2021

Day 295 of Lockdown. It is the first month of the year and it is me Gabby the motorhome . They have deserted me almost a month ago. They drove me up the potholed road on the 18th December . The driver has been up twice to check me over and that is it . Left alone in the cold . Unloved. Unwanted . Unused . I feel dumped. I am muddy . That is from the mud on the road when they brought me to the walled garden. They never bothered to wash me and get me clean again. They told me the walled garden was salubrious. I would enjoy it there along with the other overwinterers . Well that is not true . I am wedged up to a wall with a few bits ... read more
detail that I noticed on my walk
One of the many mullioned windows
The drive - I wonder where the gates went

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham January 4th 2021

I missed my walk yesterday due to the ice on the pavements . I have had to get my head round a different regime since arriving in Wales . Back in Derbyshire I shopped on a Saturday , Walked on a Saturday . Here shopping as moved to the early hours of Tuesday morning .Xmas and New Year have been so different this year and it is hard to get my head around lockdown It is Day 228 of Lockdown and our world feeling very different . Good news - the Oxford vaccine has been approved and is being sent out to hospital hubs for the first injections today . I wonder if that will give us more of a sense of normality . Would we start to see a reduction in positive cases ? Would ... read more
Just in case I did not know that this cottage was on a turn in the Dee
Who is watching me ?  A Welsh sheep . That's who ?
A reminder I am in Wales again  Y Ddraig Goch - the Red dragon

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