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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham November 23rd 2022

Day 327 of 2022. Only 38 days left of the year. Time has on one hand flown by at a fast rate of knots and on the other it has gone very slowly. We have had a few more birthdays, the heavy colds we seem to pick up after Covid and Spring has been long forgotten. To be fair Summer and Autumn are beginning to feel like a distant memory. The weather has ruined Bonfire Night. We did not risk taking a car onto a muddy field and risking being towed off it after the fireworks. We never heard many going off this year. Was it a legacy of Covid or just the cost-of-living crisis? We seem to be stumbling from one miserable disaster to another with no end in sight. The horse racing up the ... read more
The muted colours of mist and early morning
More rememberence day displays

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham November 17th 2022

I read somewhere that Life begins where fear ends . I think over the last few days with Rememberence Sunday on the horizon that thought rang true . I had returned from my visit to see the poppies display at the local church at Worthenbury . Today I was out for a walk along the River Dee and on the way home planned a visit to a second church to see what the display looked like there . As I walked along the river with the levels up due to the heavy rain I pondered the recent budget . Not much of a help for pensioners . Tax rates staying the same but the rate that we start to pay tax on income also staying the same for the next year and the year after that ... read more
There were some knitted poppies
The hearse cart with the poppies
Vases of poppies

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham November 14th 2022

If I had not got a heavy cold I perhaps might have enjoyed standing outside in the Autumn sunshine with my eyes closed a lot more . Coughing and spluttering don't help . I was just standing there smelling the Autumn all around me . Have you done that ? There is an earthy damp smell about this time of year . Slightly smelling of decay as the leaves gently fall from the trees . I cannot see the leaves falling but in my mind I can imagine them . I can hear them dropping like raindrops on the fall . The sun is shining . Whilst it is not hot the highs out to the east of us are bringing in settled weather . Pale blue skies , drifting clouds and light breezes . They ... read more
One of the many funeral hatchments of the Pulestone family of Emral Hall
Flowers everywhere
He looks extremely fierce

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham November 13th 2022

Y Wal Goch - Yma o Hyd ? OK as I walk on this warmer than usual Autumn morning I hear your brain whirring as you try to work out what Y Wal Goch is . Or Yma o Hyd. I don't blame you not knowing . It is that Welsh language that is becoming an issue in Wales . In a good way of course . Y Wal Goch has become the rallying call of the national football team . A name given to the supporters of Wales or Cymru as it is hoping to be renamed after the World Cup campaign ends . The Red Wall of supporters who are following Wales to the World Cup in 2022. We have not been there for is it 58 years . It has been a long ... read more
Come on Cymru

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham November 10th 2022

As I look out of the window or as I walk I see more and more signs that Autumn has arrived with a vengence . The weather is inclement . Some days extremely heavy rainfall. Downfalls that mean I cannot get out for a walk nor do I feel like doing much . Autumn has that effect upon you. The end of another year approaches . The Christmas advertisements have been on the TV for the last few weeks . Yet again I am reminded that each supermarket is in competition with another one to see who can drag in the shoppers to buy their turkey, Christmas puddings and festive delights . Each furniture store reminds me that I can order a sofa now and it might be delivered by Christmas . Who needs or wants ... read more
Autumns rich colours
Misty moisty Autumn mornings
Mists rolling in

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham October 17th 2022

Facebook makes you look back at times past . As the memories pop up they force you to relive those memories . 10 years you were doing this . 8 years ago you were doing that . Last year you were here . The year before you were there . They pop up and disconcert you sometimes . Perhaps it is a picture of Suzy parked up somewhere. Or Gabby being taken for a service and habitation check . Occaisionally a picture of ourselves pops up. " Was it that long ago that we did that ?" We ask . Yes it was . We wonder where time has flown to and wish sometimes we were not being reminded of its passing. Today was one of those days. My walk took me up to Cross Lanes ... read more
So beautifully made
Dont they look lovely ?
Royal Enfield - we don't make them anymore - Go to India to buy one

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham October 8th 2022

It has been a funny old week . It still feels odd not to see Gabby on the front drive . We still receive copies of Practical Motorhome - the last may have arrived this week . We will continue to receive MMM magazine until the end of the year. We have spent time ringing the Netherlands to stop the ACSI card , cancelling the Camping and Caravan club memberships and cancelling this and that . Each call reminds us we no longer are part of the fraternity of motorhomers . It still feels odd . Alerts set up to show us deals on holiday homes, gites and hotels . Train Line booked to tell us when cheap train tickets are issued and we continually talk about Eurostar and trips to continent made in different ways ... read more
The bunting on the street
Bunting everywhere
The rust against the blue sky

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham September 26th 2022

We woke early at the crack of dawn in our quiet overnight stop near Antwerp. The reasoning for waking early was to "do a Hamburg". That is get round Antwerp before it woke up . Easier said than done . The roads were dark and dismal and dawn felt a long way away. There was not much conversation in Gabby so early in the morning. We were not going to be rewarded with the flame red of the sun rising this morning . The traffic even at this ungodly hour was busy . Roadworks here and there slowing the traffic to a crawl. Moving from one side of the carriageway to the other and closed lanes all impeded our journey . Coming home always feels a letdown but there is always another holiday just around the ... read more
Football kits that tell stories
How the womens game has grown .
Caps and kits

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham August 30th 2022

Monday - Bank Holiday and everywhere closed down for the day apart from the odd supermarket . Shopping done early this week as I don't want the fridge and freezer full of food which will /might go to waste. No swimming today and the football moved from Bank Holiday afternoon which is the usual day for a match to tomorrow Tuesday night . It is a funny old time . That bit where I would have been working and trying to sort out the van in between that work . Now with no work we have more time but that gives the butterflies more time to start fluttering round . The fact that the trip has changed times many has caused some issues . Maps of Turkey and Greece printed out and a route planned . ... read more
Through the window - all made in fabric
Homage to the girl with the pearl earing .
Stunning quilt colours

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham August 27th 2022

Every day we wake and add to our knowledge and our interests .How true is that sentiment ? We wake each day to a blank page . We can fill it with something useful or equally fill it with nothing . That is up to us . The day can go either way. The weather was changeable and the mornings have become rather chilly. There are so many signs of Autumn . The leaves are slowly turning brown and crisp. The flowers have gone over . The blackberries are ready for picking and the birds are starting to clear the berries on the trees. The bells are still not hung in the church . The return has fallen a week behind schedule . At a cost of 38K to refurbish them a whole raft of fundraising ... read more
Rusting gently away
Nature taking over
The old crossing no longer used

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