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March 30th 2022
Published: March 30th 2022
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Walking has become a bit of a bore. It was fine when I started walking around our Derbyshire village home as it was a novelty. I remember enjoying walking as a change to swimming . Investigating the village I had lived in and never entirely walked around . Cul de sacs, long lanes, the ponds, the lakes and the countryside . There were places I had never ventured down and I remember apart from my aching feet loving looking into gardens, fields , at gates and follies . Home made signs thanking the NHS. Signs saying please smile . Scarecrows in the form of nurses, utility workers and the local milkman . None of that here . A few weeks of walking and I had covered virtually every nook and cranny. I had peered into all the gardens. I had found all the woodland paths and riverside walks . I was glad in a way to get back to swimming four days a week. This meant I only had to walk for the remaining two or three days depending on how I felt on the day.

Sunday was generally the day I walked up the busy main road . Sunday was the day when the main road was going to be relatively quiet particularly early in the morning . I would meet the odd car heading towards Wrexham and a few that were travelling in the opposite direction . I could hear them coming in the distance which gave me chance to leap onto the grass verge to avoid them. We are walking in a 40mph area but few cars bother to adhere to the speed limit . I choose to get out of their way as they seem oblivious to me walking . It is uphill on the first part of the work . Sometimes I pass a lonely runner but today I saw no-one. The clocks have changed so although my watch tells me it is 8am the reality is that it is just 7am. It was peaceful with just the odd sheep disturbing me or am I disturbing them . I am always glad to get to the end of the road where I have choices . To my right a long lane where I might come up against a tractor out early or a dog walker . Plus the lovely man with the apple tree in his garden . Too late for me to scrump apples but he has told me I am free to pick what I want . I did this walk two weeks ago. To the right the Cloy. Past farms, bungalows and cottages . I walked that lane last week taking a short cut along the old railway line which was wet and boggy . Sometimes I wish I had a three sided coin - Heads go one way, Tails the other and a spare face for a third choice . But I don't have that luxury so make the decision to go left along Wallington Lane . It is a longer walk but a quiet one . I won't see many cars. I can concentrate on trying to find things to photograph. The skeletal trees against the blue sky. The white Dead Nettles oddly early to flower .

The sun was shining and my transition lenses had turned brown. I began to think I was seeing things. There seemed more cars than usual on the main road . They all seemed to be turning down the lane where I was headed . Perhaps they have caravans on Emral Caravan Park I thought . They all drove past the entrance . Where they going to Malpas ? It is an odd way to go . Surely they would go through Bangor . I was getting more and more confused as more cars flew past me . Some of the drivers waved to me. Some let me cross the road in front of them . Was there something going on in Worthenbury church? I was running out of ideas. I soon found the answer as I rounded a corner . Cars were parked up on the grass verge . People were stopped and talked to each other. Some in small groups . Others just a handful . A young guy stood in the middle of road directing the traffic . "You can park here " he shouted and they all did what he said . They carried small shovels and then it dawned on me . I was watching the detectorists . The young guy seemingly in charge shouted a good morning to me and I asked what they had planned . He told me that they were spending the day in this field and if I came by later he would show me their finds . It turned out I had stumbled on Noble Pursuits . A local club where members paid £20 to detect in a farmers field . The directorists benefited as they found silver sometimes in the fields , coins from the reign of Edward I right up to date , buckles , brooches and sometimes Roman artifacts . They cleared the farmers field of all bits of rusty iron and if they found treasure trove the proceeds were divided 50/50 between the finder and the land owner . A win win situation .

I left the group as they headed out for their day of digging . Along the road I met the farmer with his dog . Stopped to take photographs of massive hay bales, rusty old yellow JCB's and red farming equipment . I would have much preferred to have taken photographs of a hammered silver coin than of these run of the mill everyday sights . But then that is the luck of the draw . For me today it was just a normal walk with normal things . For the detectorists the hope that they would find treasure trove . For me it was the joy of just finding something even if it was just an old piece of rusty farm machinery .


30th March 2022

I've never heard of detectorists...
My wife would really enjoy this! She has a metal detector, but there isn't much history or treasure buried around here. When are you headed to the Continent?
31st March 2022

Morning Bob - I couldnt resist using that title as it just made me remember the song Watching the detectives which if my memory serves me right was Elvis Costello. We have always fancied a metal detector . If you go on FB and put in Noble Pursuits you will see some of their finds . You have to join the site I think though as its a closed group. They let me in though. We leave Sunday afternoon to head for Banbury and then the tunnel on Monday afternoon . Plan seems to be slightly changing with the first aire closed but not a problem . We plan to see the Le Mans 24 hour circuit and hopefully the medieval city, We have booked tickets for the Halle des Machines in Toulouse and will ride the Minotaur and have tickets for the steam train from Anduze to St Jean de Gard . Lots in between . Feel apprehensive as we have not been for over two years and we have had to completely empty the van and start again . Tempers frayed slightly . Is Scotland on the cards now ?
31st March 2022

I'm so pleased that you are finally on your way! I look forward to your blogs. Yes, my Scotland trip is on. I fly from the States on 22 Aug, landing in Edinburgh the next day and then hitting the road to visit castles, abbeys, and battlefields. On the way home I'm stopping for one day in Stockholm, to walk the Eriksleden in Uppsala to the viking mounds where more ancestors are buried. I return to the States on 6 Sep. I'm so excited...but nervous just like you after not having traveled out of the country since May 2019.

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