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July 17th 2021
Published: July 17th 2021
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Day 500 and counting since lockdown started for us . Who would have thought we would have to suffer such restrictions on life and travel for such a long time . I got out early this morning for a constitutional walk along the riverbank. It pays to get out early. It is high Summer in the UK and the weather is sweltering. Sunny from early morn to late evening . That oppressive heat we seem to suffer where it is uncomfortable to be outside and thunder storms are just around the corner .

I walked my reverse walk this morning dropping the prescriptions into the box outside the dispensary on my way. The church clock struck 7.45. It is out of sync by a few minutes to my time piece . The village was quiet as I walked past the now open Middle Shop. Not a soul inside nor anyone waiting to go in. The Buck pub looked quiet as did the Royal Oak and for once there were no fisherman on the River Dee. Over the past few days the fly fishermen had been out. Wading into the shallows and casting their fishing flies in the hope of catching a Salmon or a Trout . The pathway alongside the river was peaceful . Not a soul in sight . No dog walkers . No joggers . I had the riverbank to myself . The birds were singing . There was no sign of the Kingfishers nor of the ducklings I normally see . The Wild Hogweed was growing to over 6 foot in height obscuring the river . Alongside it signs of the Himalayan Balsam . Pretty in pink but devasting for ruining the riverbank and overpowering the native species . There were signs of late Summer and even early Autumn. Pale mauve Thistles and deeper purple Knotweeds. White clover covered the path . The hazel trees were bearing the early signs of nuts . I stopped every few yards to take a photograph and gather my thoughts .

Boris is re-opening England tomorrow . Despite cases of Covid going through the roof he feels the need to make life feel normal . No more social distancing . Unless you want to of course . More seats in pubs and restaurants . No masks . Unless you want to keep wearing them . The arguements rage amongst those who think it too soon and too foolhardy given the number of hospitalisations which to be fair are fewer than in the Spring . The test and trace App has been pinging all and sundry causing havoc amongst the workforce . The Camping Clubs have been forced to cancel bookings as they cannot get staff to man the sites . It feels a mess .

The butterflies were out . Flitting from flower to flower . The Comma butterfly and the Cabbage White seem the normal today . The Comma distinctive in its brown livery . I pass no-one on my walk . Uphill I climb in the shade . It is going to be a hot one today . A heat that is oppressive . Sultry and heavy . Not pleasant . The church clock must have chimed the hour but I never heard it . Perhaps I was too deep in my thoughts about the lockdown and freedoms in Wales . Later than England the First Minister had been more cautious but I was shocked at how easily he capitulated and gave a date for freedom . I had expected more of a fight on his hands . The Bullrushes are flowering . Yellow seedheeds . Quite ugly at the moment but will be majestic in a few weeks .

Croatia have opened up to us . Bulgaria have banned us . It definately feels more to do with Brexit than Covid . The travel itch is becoming worse by the day . We feel we might get away in September then it is cruelly snatched away from us . I pass Man with Dog . I see him often on my route . His dog is well behaved . A Red Terrier of some description . He is quickly followed by a man leaning on a gate with a pram beside him . His small son is waving to the sheep in the field . He shouts Bye Sheep as I pass and gives me a big beaming smile . I smile back and say hello. In front of me in the distance is someone else walking . I never catch up with them . I stop too often . Perhaps they walk faster than I can walk . Perhaps they were not even there in the first place . The long and winding road gives me little chance to catch up with them . Too many bends . Too many corners . I reach the homeward stretch . It is going to be mad in the village today as crowds come in to sit in the pub . They will sit outside . Sit on the walls and on the riverbanks . The boys will swim in the river despite the warnings that it is not safe to do so . It may be shallow in parts but it is an unforgiving river with whirlpools and deep pools with strong currents . There was almost a disaster there yesterday as a young boy got into trouble and two adults had to risk their lives to get him out . They never learn . I walked home and hoped it would not be too hot . The sky was too blue for it to be cool today . Still perhaps we should make the most of Summer . I just hate Winter knowing the end is probably not in sight .


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