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March 14th 2011
Published: March 15th 2011
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Swansea by nightSwansea by nightSwansea by night

distant shoot of the light house at Swansea Bay at night.
Posting from the now freezing U.K. at about 11:55pm here.

One word. WOW! This country is beyond beautiful! I have never seen anything like it. I still can't believe I'm actually here and looking at this place with my own eyes. We got a grand tour of our part of the Gower Peninsula where we are staying. Our day started bright and early with a nice Welsh breakfast. I had scrambled eggs and toast with raspberry jam (they say jam here, you ask for jelly and your getting a dish of jello gelatin) they toast and jam was delicious, the eggs were kind of mushy but nothing pepper couldn't fix. Yes, Taylor ate Welsh food and LIKED IT! After breakfast we attempted to catch our first bus and head to Swansea University to meet with the staff there and our student ambassador Eliot. We got lost (thanks Nelson) but after walking back and forth and around and around a lovely Welsh man in a lavender shirt was so kind as to give us directions (bless him). We made it to the University (they call it a Uni here) and were give a small tour of their campus and their TV
Swansea UniSwansea UniSwansea Uni

They use the same cameras in their studio that we use for Documentaries
studio. After grabbing a quick bite to eat we were herded on to a bus to be given a tour of the city and surrounding areas. Our first stop was at a beautiful beach in Oxwich bay. This beach is one of the best beaches for surfing and has been ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. The thing I loved about it is there was no commercialism. No boardwalk full of restaurants and gift shops selling the same thing no bars or clubs just the beach and its natural beauty. I wish we could have stayed longer, the scenery was breath taking. But unfortunately we were on a time schedule so we climbed back in the bus and started driving up the winding hills of lower Wales. These people are insane drivers, think New York on narrower streets driving the wrong way. Insanity. We stopped on the side of the road and got to see pastures and pastures of sheep and were able to look down from high above past the homes to the beach we were just at . Rumor has it Catharine Zeta Jones lives somewhere in the area were touring. We got to

More of their studio. It's tiny.
see a bunch of sheep and learned some interesting facts that I will not be sharing with you. It’s for your own good, trust me. From there we went even higher into Gower and stopped at Worm's Head to see the Cliffs of Gower. Magnificent!! The country side, the beaches, the homes, the narrow streets and now the cliffs, is there anything ugly or unsightly here? (Even the people are pretty, and they have the cutes dogs!) One of the cliffs farther out in the Ocean frightened Vikings where they first came over because it looked like a sea monster, and now it's called Worm's head which is not frightening at all if you think about it. Since the temperature had dropped and we were waiting for our bus driver to come back we all got hot chocolate from the restaurant there. Best. Hot Chocolate. EVER. no joke. mmmmm. We headed back to the Uni to meet with our clients for the first time. Out Non Prof is Swansea Young Single Homeless People or SYSHP as they like to say (none of us can say it right and I think it frustrates them) Liz and Rachel were there to speak

Mark Scott at the "news desk". Best Professor EVER!
to us and were so pleasant. We have a good Idea for our campaign that I think will be easy to execute and will benefit them greatly, because they really have nothing other than a poorly created brochure. After waiting for our public bus back to the hotel (for 45 minutes in the COLD!) some of us went to eat at an Italian restaurant (Welsh pizza = Nasty). Tomorrow we will hopefully be shooting an event with SYSHP fingers crossed, I’m so ready for this!!
Until next time. .

A lemonade here in Wales is sprite with a lemon slice in it.
If you ask for ice they will give it to you but will also give you a funny look.
Everyone pretty much drives the same car and they drive it FAST!
They don’t have police they have cameras EVERYWHERE, They have the most video surveillance cameras in the world (Big Brother is watching)
British people are people from Wales, Scotland, and England. English people are from England.
Anything less than 5 pounds will be given back to you in change.
They use the word “fancy” in place of want or like. Ex. Would you fancy see’n mo photos from me?
I still don't know what "Cheeky" means, but aparently Dusty is. .
My name is pronounced "Tay-lah!" in a British accent.

Sweet dreams for it is now nearly 1am here!
-God Bless

Additional photos below
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UCO in Swansea!UCO in Swansea!
UCO in Swansea!

Our group from UCO
Oxwich bayOxwich bay
Oxwich bay

Michael posing on the beach
Cliffs at GowerCliffs at Gower
Cliffs at Gower

Me on the cliffs! Such an amazing experince!
Worm's HeadWorm's Head
Worm's Head

My pictures will never do this county justice.. .

Derek and Hunter enjoying the best hot chocolate ever!

15th March 2011

Thanks for pictures
Taylor, Thanks so much for the wonderful newsletter and pictures of Wales. It is very beautiful. When we were in Ireland and Scotland, we saw many sheep and heard a story concerning them We didn't know for sure whether to believe what they told or not. Ha Stay safe and have a wonderful time. Looking forward to the next newsletter and pictures Freda and Carl Blair
15th March 2011

We are so enjoying you enjoying yourself! Continue to be our eyes so we can see things we've only dreamed of. Love you Lassie!!! Mom and Dad
15th March 2011

Crazy Day 2
Taylor, You are really painting a lovely story in my mind's eye. Of course, the photos are superb but your descriptions are unsurpassed. Enjoy EVERYTHING!!!! Even the pizza...ha! Luv ya.
15th March 2011

Bed & Breakfasts
Hello, just read your most recent post, love it! Love your FYI bit too! If you are ever travelling around the UK/Ireland/Wales again then we have a website called The Holiday Cottages which has lots of self-catering accommodation to choose from - the address is
16th March 2011

RE: Bed & Breakfasts
Thank you very much! Its nice to know that someone other then my family reads this. Im learning so much about the culture here, its very facinating! I hope that I will get the chance to come back here some day, if I do I will definitly check out The Holiday Cottages!

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