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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool July 3rd 2017

I've been away for a few days staying with my friend Hilary. The weather was really hot so activity was curtailed, though we went for a couple of walks before sitting on a shady bench in Hil's beautiful garden. Also, Liz popped up for lunch one day as she lives only an hour away.... read more
on the marshland
the creek meets the sea
and boats are moored there

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool May 6th 2017

The weather looked good and Alex had the weekend off, so we set off for Tywyn with the tents. Lovely day on Friday but the wind became very rough overnight and we felt as if we were on the high seas. It all calmed down again and the tents stood up to it. We walked a fair way in two days, it was lovely though involved a lot of uphill. Luckily I had an extra day as I didn't have to go to work today! I did a beach walk then sat and read a book in the sunshine, and once the tent was packed up I had a leisurely drive home, admiring some spectacular bluebell woods and collecting one last cache on the way. My face feels red from the wind and the sun, which ... read more
fish and chips at Aberdovey
on the beach after the chips
and up to the little bandstand on the hill.

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool May 3rd 2017

Having waited in this morning to take receipt of a new settee, we decided to spend the sunny afternoon in the bluebell woods. it was lovely, except lots of ups and downs as its on an old Iron Age hill fort.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 29th 2017

Several years ago we found that our sitting room floor was not behaving as it should, and when we looked under the carpet we discovered that not only were some floorboards rotten and broken, but that they were laid on bare earth. So I had a think and hoped it would go away, and eventually spoke to a builder and the upshot is that they had a gap this week and could sort it all out. So, they dug all the old stuff out and refilled it with concrete and insulation and today I did a spot of painting, even the ceiling, so there's not much left to do, just odds and ends. The carpet will be relaid in 10 days time. meanwhile its been rather chilly with all doors open all day, but I must ... read more
what was dug out
this ended up bonfired
waterproof and insulated

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 22nd 2017

I've been quite under the weather this week with a cold/flu bug and I've done nothing and been nowhere. This morning I felt brighter and the sun was shining, so we thought we'd go for a walk at Nesscliffe, a sandstone outcrop between here and Shrewsbury, and treat ourselves to a pub lunch. It was a good decision, the woods were beautiful with spring the flowers, the trees were such a delicate shade of spring green, the sky was blue, and there were a few caches to be found. We didn't walk far, but we both felt we'd had a good day out, and I'm beginning to feel more like myself. Mind you, when I turned the computer on the weather forecast makes me feel like a little hibernation may be due, arctic air with snow ... read more
not many leaves on the beech trees yet
the robbers cave
yopu cant go up the steps these days

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 16th 2017

We've had a lovely few days when Sophie, Tom, Martha and Jack came to stay. We played hide and seek in the woods, had Easter egg picnics, visited great Grandad and had a walk by the river. And the grand finale was a children's party in Llangyniew. What more could you want?... read more
hide your eyes and count to 100
before you follow the arrows to find Jack
on the way home

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 11th 2017

Uncle Frank and Auntie Margaret, along with Martin and Vikki and family (now well grown up), have for years come to Dolgellau for a week at Easter. And we generally meet them for fish and chips at Barmouth and catch up a bit with their news. Although, as Martin pointed out, the historic trend is to meet on a Wednesday (how does he remember that?), they agreed that we'd meet today by special dispensation as its Alex's day off. As no specific spot in Barmouth was dedicated for the meeting, it took a while, and the use of some mobile phones to find each other. Once that was done, a splendid day was spent sitting on the front chatting and later eating chips, followed by a short walk to the ice cream shop by the harbour. ... read more
Luke and Sarah
Ben and Jennifer
Sarah and Jen

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 6th 2017

Liz's son Tom and his partner Debbie found themselves childless for a few days and decided to pop up here with their tent. They took Grandad out for another birthday lunch, then last night we all shared a take away curry evening at Dads. Before they left today, Tom couldn't resist a go on his favourite swing by the river. Also this morning, Ineke and I decorated an Easter tree in the woods, well we made a start, we need more decorations!... read more
but last time it was summer
Thinking about paddling
it was a lovely afternoon

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 3rd 2017

What a lovely day for a birthday... and I wonder what it was like 94 years ago! Alex and I set off to Meifod bearing birthday cake and gifts and Dad opened cards and presents while we had coffee. Then we drove through beautiful countryside to one of Dads favourite watering holes for lunch. When the landlord heard it was a birthday Dad was served a free pint. We stuffed ourselves with a huge lunch, then tootled home about 4 so Dad had time to have a rest before bridge.... read more
going... piece by piece
thanks for the card
great grandad in his Martha

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool March 26th 2017

We've had some lovely dry windy days here, and decided that today was the day to get rid of the mountain of hedge cuttings that we've had to squeeze past for 3 months, to get onto the field. I suspected that it would take the best part of the day, but with a helpful wind, it took two of us stoking for an hour and the bulk was burned. After that, its raking up the ashes and collecting up the scattered bits. Done, with just a bit of a singed beard ---- not mine!... read more
it looks like a hedge..
but its a long line of cuttings
on with the old ·Christmas tree

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