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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool May 23rd 2015

Ineke had booked a few days off work, and we'd planned to take our tents. But the weather was cold and wet, and I got a bit whimpy. So we booked a caravan and used that instead. It was fine weather in the end, but still quite chilly so we were glad of solid walls really. Our friend Lynda joined us for one day, and Dad came up and stayed a night too. We had a lovely time, walking, caching, eating and wine drinking!... read more
Lynda and Ineke
caravan lunch
look what we built

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool May 11th 2015

Caroline and Ineke had the same day off for a change, so we went up to the bluebell woods with a picnic. Lovely. And Alex has kindly let me use his old camera till I get myself a new one.... read more
up the hill, through the trees
sunlight filters through
bambi could have been made here!

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool May 5th 2015

This afternoon, Dad, Alex and I went down to the Rhallt, to wish Mum a very happy birthday. We had a lovely cake, made by the cook there, and cups of tea. But Mum was having a sleepy day, and although she opened her eyes once or twice, didn't really know it was her birthday. Maybe she'll be more awake tomorrow, and Dad will show her all her lovely cards and flowers. I did take some pictures on my phone, still no camera!... read more
Dad with the cards and flowers
butterfly cake
the cake bearers

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 19th 2015

Sophie, Tom, Martha and little Jack came down last week. We had a lovely time, and I miss them now they're not here. Here are some pictures, all from Sophie as I haven't yet replaced my camera.......... read more
Great grandma was in bed
but woke up...
.....and enjoyed our visit

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 8th 2015

Thought you would like to see some photos of Dad's birthday, a bit late as we had no phone or broadband for a week, courtesy of a fault or two down the line! Dad and I had soup for lunch at his house, then we went to a local pub to celebrate in style.... read more
chocolates to go with a glass of wine - yummy
more parcels
at the Stumble Inn

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 8th 2015

The frogs on Dolanog hill are a little lacking in common sense and every year they spawn in ruts left by tractor wheels, and every year the puddles dry up before the tadpoles have grown. I haven't had any frog spawn in my pond this year, so yesterday Maisie and I went and rescued some and delivered them to a nice deep pool where they can grow this space. Sorry, pictures are not good as they're on my phone as I haven't got a new camera yet.... read more
to tadpoles in trouble
being boiled alive
too late for these

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool March 28th 2015

Liz is home again following the bone marrow transplant, so I popped down to check up on her. She's still very weak and tired, but I called for lunch one day and coffee another, and she was very jolly. Luckily I have one or two friends I could stay with in the area, and visited them too. I'm glad I've seen her, and hope to call again before too long.... read more
a twirl with the new hoover
with thanks

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool March 22nd 2015

My friend Beth and I go back a long way ..... so far that we were born together. As she lives in Kent, almost as far away from Wales as you can be in the UK, we don't see a great deal of each other, but she came to stay for a few days last week, and we had some nice days out.... read more
cache number one
we passed a chimney
because I just had to pop inside for something!

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool March 14th 2015

In order to win a virtual souvenir for our collection, we needed to find a "mystery" cache today, which means that you don't know exactly where its hidden, but have to solve some clues to get to it. Ineke and I decided to try one about Charles Darwin who studied the mudstone rocks at Lllanymynech it seems - you find out all sorts when you're a cacher. It turned out to be easily found so we set off up the hill for a walk round Dad's golf course, where there is a series of caches to be found. When I say round, I mean round the edge, where Offas Dyke path runs, and another part of the path is the border between England and Wales. It also involves a large but disused limestone quarry. The path ... read more
got Ineke too
its here somewhere

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool March 4th 2015

Today Alex and I took Dad out to Ellesmere to see the heronry. There are about 12 nests on the island in the lake, 4 of them have eggs already, and the girls are sitting. We know as there are cameras trained on the nests, relaying pictures into the Wildlife Trust shop. Its interesting to see them, but maybe we need another trip once the chicks have hatched. After a nice cup of coffee, we fed the geese then wandered round the lake, before having a huge lunch in the pub nearby. We quickly had a look at the disused railway station(cache spot) and the canal wharf, before driving home in the afternoon sunshine. A grand day out - with no Wensleydale!... read more
Dad's popular
tame geese
beside the lake

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