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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Porthmadog October 2nd 2022

After our early night last night we got a pretty good sleep despite the stag and stagette parties roaming the streets. The church bells counting the quarter hour all night were both reassuring (it’s only 2:00 am - no need to get up) and distracting (why are the bells ringing at 2:00 am?). We learned that we have too much luggage so spent some time repack if so we only need to haul one bag in for the next couple of night. We wanted to hit the road early so we could get to our stop tonight to enjoy the facilities. We took a brief bypass down the coast to see saint govan’s chapel. It’s a 13th century chapel built in honour of a 6th century hermit who may have been a knight of the round ... read more
Us at Pembroke .
View from castle wall walk at Pembroke .
Pembroke keep.

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Porthmadog June 26th 2022

We love flying off to far-away places, but it is nice to be able just throw everything we need (and a lot more that we don't) into the boot of our car and drive off with no worries about baggage allowances and what is or is not allowed through airport security. It's about four hours' drive from the Home Counties to North Wales and, once we crossed the border into Wales, the scenery became stunning and covered in sheep (we wondered how the farmers manage to track them down come slaughter time). Whilst the scenery took a turn for the better, the weather took a clear and instant turn for the worse - rain followed by more rain. The roads also took a turn for the worse, with the dual carriageway ending just before the border. ... read more
Watford Gap
Swallow Falls
Wales Views

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Porthmadog September 23rd 2017

Having decided yesterday that today was the day to go up Mt Snowdon, we breakfasted early and set out. When we got to the station to collect our tickets, we were advised that the train would only be able to go as far as Rocky Valley station, about 5/8 of the way to the summit, because there were 65mile per hour winds at the summit. We were also advised that we would not be able to leave the train as the wind was too strong. We were given the option to cancel, but we decided that we would like to go as far up the mountain as we could. The train was ready to leave on time, and the little steam engine, with a rack took us up the mountain. The first part of the journey ... read more
River beside the track
Sheep up on the mountain
A steep section of track

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Porthmadog September 22nd 2017

The weather forecast was important in our decision making this morning. We want to go up Snowdonia, but the weather needed to be good. It was clear from both the forecast and the sky that today was not the day! Instead we decided to travel on the Ffestiniog railway. We decided to travel from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniogg. We went down to the station early to buy tickets. The carriages were already waiting at the station, we only had to wait for the engine to arrive and couple on. There was also another train to Canarvon, that was due to leave a little after our train. It actually arrived at the station first! There was a bit of consternation as to whether we were on the right train, but the helpful volunteers soon had everyone back ... read more
Coal for the trains
Our engine- David Lloyd George
Out the carriage window

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Porthmadog September 22nd 2017

After a good breakfast, we left the Grafton Grange Farm to move on to Wales. Before we left Bakewell, we stoppped at Haddon Hall. This hall is a medieval hall,,still used by the family and fairly intact. The weather was not so good, with rain forecast, although it was only grey to begin the day. We walked over a small bridge to the Hall. It was quite large, with some defensive protection, but certainly not a castle. It also had a small, tiered garden, with different levels accessible from different areas. There were some very old tapestries, and also quite a bit of furniture from the medieval times. By the time we had seen the hall, the rain was beginning. We had a three hour drive to get to Porthmadog, so got on our way. A ... read more
The gatehouse at Haddin Hall
The great hall at Haddon
One of the levels of the garden

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Porthmadog June 4th 2011

Yesterday, the sun shone, we wore short sleeves, and we took a train ride on one of the most spectacular routes in the whole of Wales - from Machynlleth (known as 'Mach')to Porthmadog. In places, the line ran right beside the sea and, in others, it gave us views of mountains we simply couldn't hope to enjoy from a car. The day's outing was an absolute bargain too - two hours there and two hours back, a Day Rover ticket for us oldies with Senior Railcards cost just £5.95 each! We could have hopped on and off along the way (although we didn't) and we could have travelled another half hour each way as far as Pwllheli for the same price. You're dying to know how to pronounce Pwllheli aren't you? Well, the 'w' is pronounced ... read more
Aberdyfi (Aberdovey)
Just one seascape of many
Fields and mountains

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Porthmadog April 30th 2011

Sunday Went to Oxford today but it was closed – well half of the colleges were. The day started with the most pleasant walk, in fact the most pleasant experience eof the trip thus far. We stayed in Iffley just outside the city. A short walk from our hotel was the Iffley lock. Unlike others this lock was on the Thames. I’m still not sure i understand why it was needed but it was there. When we arrived we watched several of the local narrow barge boats go through. We then crossed over and spent 40 minutes walking along the Thames banks into Oxford. Ducks, ducklings, geese, goslings, rowers, scullers, paddlers, canoeists, punters; all were part of a cavalcade (i finally get to use that word in a journal) of scenery and movement which we experienced. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Porthmadog October 1st 2010

Yet another cold and rainy Welsh day saw us on yet another historic Welsh Highlands slate train, this time the Ffestiniog Railway, which runs from Porthmadog to Ffestiniog-Blaneau. The engines used on this railway are Fairley Patent engines, a double boiler articulated engine that looks like two engines joined back-to-back. The route of about 20 miles was more of a valley run compared to its sister railway, the Welsh Highlands railway which we had travelled on earlier in the week. While there was less spectacular scenery, the run was still very pleasant, passing through dense forests and past some fantastic waterfalls and lakes. There was even another castle or two to be seen for good measure. Unlike the other days, there was to be no sunny breaks in the weather all day, so we headed off ... read more
Porthmadog Station
The Cob, Porthmadog
Coming along The Cob

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Porthmadog September 2nd 2010

Well, it has been a while since I visited the land of my birth, since the Saesneg parents returned to their Saesneg roots I haven't made the trek back for a few years so it was time to take a trip back to the green, green grass of home. Of course, some among you will argue I'm not really Welsh since I come from a long line of English, but not being accepted by either culture is a cross I have had to bear throughout my life, it is amazing I have turned out so well after such a difficult upbringing. Anyway, I digress, so off up to North Wales to spend a few days in the small town of Porthmadog, just south of the Lleyn Peninsula (that is not pronounced CL mother!). Luckily for me ... read more
Here's lovely Welsh for you
Oh, there's lovely view for you

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